Countdown Timer with Reactjs



How to run

1. Clone the repository

git clone

2. Install Packages

cd countdown-timer
# or
npm install

3. Run

yarn start
# or
npm start

4. Open in the browser

After running the command yarn start or npm start, it will open the server in your default browser. If not, you can go to your browser and put


in the address bar and it will run.

  • If you are still not able to run it after the last step, it means that 3000 port is occupied with some other process so you will have to go to other port which will be


    and so on.

Download Details:

Author: lalitmee


Source Code:

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Countdown Timer with Reactjs

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How to Create a Countdown Timer in Python

A countdown timer is an ideal way to set targets to complete tasks eg keep a reminder for the oven etc. For large-scale applications such as industries, complex timers are used, which are custom-designed for various purposes such as triggering or flipping a switch after a delay of set time. We might have noticed a screensaver appearing on the desktop when left idle for sometime. This happens because of the timer which calculates our idle time. Similarly, automatic logging out of websites, OTP expiration, captcha expiration are all based on a timer which nullifies these password after the time period expires.

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Let's Build A React Christmas Countdown Timer

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In this video:

  1. JavaScript dates
  2. useState hook
  3. useEffect hook
  4. setInterval to call a function every second
  5. Create a custom loading spinner using only CSS
  6. How to add a loading effect in React

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Web Application Development is essential for a business in today’s digital era. Finding the right platform for Web Application Development is important for building an effective Web Application that can enhance the overall customer engagement. Here’s what makes ReactJS a better option for building your next Web Application.

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