Google May Lose Market Share When This Change Rolls Out

Google May Lose Market Share When This Change Rolls Out

Google May Lose Market Share When This Change Rolls Out: Google is estimated to lose mobile market share when Android starts prompting users to select their own default search engine.

A study commissioned by DuckDuckGo finds Google will lose mobile market share when Android’s search preference menus start rolling out to users.

A search preference menu will prompt users to select their own default search engine when setting up a new Android phone.

According to DuckDuckGo’s research, if given the choice 24% of people in the US, 24% in the UK, and 17% in Australia would select a non-Google search engine.

Based on those figures, DuckDuckGo estimates Google’s mobile market share will drop by 20%, 22%, and 16%, respectively.

At the present time, Google’s share of the mobile search market is 95% in the US, 98% in the UK, and 98% in Australia.

Even Google loyalists would at least check out other search options if presented with different choices, the study finds:

“This user testing also shows people will scroll to check out their options before making a search engine selection, meaning Google could be placed on the last screen of any search preference menu.”

Google is only being forced to implement search preference menus in Europe, but DuckDuckGo is hopeful the change could be rolled out elsewhere.

In an effort to encourage regulators in other countries to adopt search preference menus, DuckDuckGo has been publishing a series of studies to demonstrate how user behavior would change.

The studies could prove to be convincing, especially to US regulators, considering tech giants are under fire for having too much power.

Here are some highlight’s from DuckDuckGo’s latest study on this subject.

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