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Riyad Amin


Create Icicle Charts with Plotly Express

As part of the Plotly Graphs Playlist, you will learn to build icicle charts, add and remove levels, work with discrete and continuous colors and change plotting directions, all with Plotly Express. We will be using historical data on slavery in Virginia. Download the code below.

Video layout:
00:00 - What you will learn
02:10 - Icicle Chart Vocabulary
03:18 - the Data
04:24 - 1st Icicle & Attributes
08:00 - Adding Color (Discrete)
09:17 - Adding Branches
11:48 - Icicle Color (Continuous)
14:10 - Change Icicle Direction
17:06 - Final Remarks

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Plotly docs:


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Create Icicle Charts with Plotly Express
Einar  Hintz

Einar Hintz


Visualizing data with NGX-Charts in Angular

Data Science, Data Analytics, Big Data, these are the buzz words of today’s world. A huge amount of data is being generated and analyzed every day. So communicating the insights from that data becomes crucial. Charts help visualize the data and communicate the result of the analysis with charts, it becomes easy to understand the data.

There are a lot of libraries for angular that can be used to build charts. In this blog, we will look at one such library, NGX-Charts. We will see how to use it in angular and how to build data visualizations.

What we will cover:

  1. Installing ngx-chart.

  2. Building a vertical bar graph.

  3. Building a pie chart.

  4. Building an advanced pie chart.

A brief introduction about NGX-Charts

NGX-Chart charting framework for angular2+. It’s open-source and maintained by Swimlane.

NGX-Charts does not merely wrap d3, nor any other chart engine for that matter. It is using Angular to render and animate the SVG elements with all of its binding and speed goodness and uses d3 for the excellent math functions, scales, axis and shape generators, etc. By having Angular do all of the renderings it opens us up to endless possibilities the Angular platform provides such as AoT, Universal, etc.

NGX-Charts supports various chart types like bar charts, line charts, area charts, pie charts, bubble charts, doughnut charts, gauge charts, heatmap, treemap, and number cards.

Installation and Setup

1. Install the ngx-chart package in your angular app.

npm install @swimlane/ngx-charts --save

2. At the time of installing or when you serve your application is you get an error:

ERROR in The target entry-point "@swimlane/ngx-charts" has missing dependencies: - @angular/cdk/portal

You also need to install angular/cdk

npm install @angular/cdk --save

3. Import NgxChartsModule from ‘ngx-charts’ in AppModule

4. NgxChartModule also requires BrowserAnimationModule. Import is inAppModule.


import { BrowserModule } from '@angular/platform-browser';
import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
import { AppComponent } from './app.component';
import { NgxChartsModule }from '@swimlane/ngx-charts';
import { BrowserAnimationsModule } from '@angular/platform-browser/animations';
  declarations: [
  imports: [
  providers: [],
  bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule { }

Amazing! Now we can start using ngx-chart component and build the graph we want.

In the AppComponent we will provide data that the chart will represent. It’s a sample data for vehicles on the road survey.

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Art  Lind

Art Lind


Visualization with Plotly.Express: Comprehensive guide

I frequently come up with an ideal visualization and then struggle to code it. It would be to the point, expressive, and easy to interpret, but it’s impossible to create. When I found Plotly it made plotting, well, much easier.

Plotly.Express, first introduced in version 4.0.0 is a high-level abstraction to Plotly API optimized to work perfectly with data frames. It’s very good, though not flawless. I see the biggest gap in the number of examples or links to the API documentation. That’s why I have decided to use my experience with the library to write a guide.

To run the chart and exercises, please use the Plotly Express — Comprehensive Guide.ipynb notebook on Github. All the code in this article is in python.

Table of contents:

Installing Plotly Express

Plotly.Express is a regular part of the Plotly python package, so the easiest is to install it all.

## pip 
pip install plotly

## anaconda
conda install -c anaconda plotly

Plotly Express also requires pandas to be installed, otherwise, you will get this error when you try to import it.

[In]: import plotly.express as px
[Out]: ImportError: Plotly express requires pandas to be installed.

There are additional requirements if you want to use the plotly in Jupyter notebooks. For Jupyter Lab you need jupyterlab-plotly. In a regular notebook, I had to install nbformat (conda install -c anaconda nbformat)

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How to Create a Grouped Bar Chart With Plotly Express in Python


When you create a grouped bar chart, you need to use  plotly.graph_objects . In this article, you will learn how to create a grouped bar chart by using Plotly.express. Plotly Express is a high-level interface for data visualization.

Plotly Express provides more than 30 functions for creating different types of figures. The API for these functions is consistent and easy to use.

You can find how to install Plotly here.

This article assumes you are already familiar with the basic operation in JupyterLab/Jupyter Notebook.


We use data from The United States Census BureauThis page provides data on educational attainment from 2018. We focus on race and gender in this article. You can find the downloaded data on Gist here.

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Harry Patel

Harry Patel


A Complete Process to Create an App in 2021

It’s 2021, everything is getting replaced by a technologically emerged ecosystem, and mobile apps are one of the best examples to convey this message.

Though bypassing times, the development structure of mobile app has also been changed, but if you still follow the same process to create a mobile app for your business, then you are losing a ton of opportunities by not giving top-notch mobile experience to your users, which your competitors are doing.

You are about to lose potential existing customers you have, so what’s the ideal solution to build a successful mobile app in 2021?

This article will discuss how to build a mobile app in 2021 to help out many small businesses, startups & entrepreneurs by simplifying the mobile app development process for their business.

The first thing is to EVALUATE your mobile app IDEA means how your mobile app will change your target audience’s life and why your mobile app only can be the solution to their problem.

Now you have proposed a solution to a specific audience group, now start to think about the mobile app functionalities, the features would be in it, and simple to understand user interface with impressive UI designs.

From designing to development, everything is covered at this point; now, focus on a prelaunch marketing plan to create hype for your mobile app’s targeted audience, which will help you score initial downloads.

Boom, you are about to cross a particular download to generate a specific revenue through your mobile app.

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How To Create Dynamic Pie Chart In Laravel 8

Hello Friends,

In this tutorial I will show you how to create dynamic pie chart in laravel 8, Pie charts are use to representing data in graphics view, for creation of dynamic pie chart example you need to create model, controller, route, blade file and database, So if you will follow my tutorial step by step then defiantly you will get output of dynamic pie chart example.

So, let’s start.

How To Create Dynamic Pie Chart In Laravel 8


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