Haylie  Conn

Haylie Conn


Accelerating Docker Desktop's New Features

In November 2019 Docker announced our re-focusing on the needs of developers. Specifically, we set out to simplify the complexity of modern application development to help developers get their ideas from code to cloud as quickly and securely as possible. We’ve made a lot of progress since delivering against our public roadmap, including shipping Docker Desktop support for Apple M1 silicon, providing image vulnerability scanning for individuals and teams, delivering more trusted content via Docker Verified Publisher partnerships with more than 100 ISVs, and a whole lot more.


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Accelerating Docker Desktop's New Features
Iliana  Welch

Iliana Welch


Docker Explained: Docker Architecture | Docker Registries

Following the second video about Docker basics, in this video, I explain Docker architecture and explain the different building blocks of the docker engine; docker client, API, Docker Daemon. I also explain what a docker registry is and I finish the video with a demo explaining and illustrating how to use Docker hub

In this video lesson you will learn:

  • What is Docker Host
  • What is Docker Engine
  • Learn about Docker Architecture
  • Learn about Docker client and Docker Daemon
  • Docker Hub and Registries
  • Simple demo to understand using images from registries

#docker #docker hub #docker host #docker engine #docker architecture #api

Haylie  Conn

Haylie Conn


Volume Management, Compose v2, Skipping Updates, and more in Docker Desktop 3.4

We are excited to announce the release of Docker Desktop 3.4.

This release includes several improvements to Docker Desktop, including our new Volume Management interface, the Compose v2 roll-out, and changes to how to Skip an update to Docker Desktop based on your feedback.

Volume Management

Have you wanted a way to more easily manage and explore your volumes?

In this release we’re introducing a new capability in Docker Desktop that helps you to create and delete volumes from Desktop’s Dashboard as well as to see which ones are In Use.

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Misael  Stark

Misael Stark


Docker Dev Environments and more in Desktop 3.5

Docker Desktop 3.5 is here and we can’t wait for you to try it!

We’ve introduced some exciting new features including improvements to the Volume Management interface, a tech preview of Docker Dev Environments, and enhancements to Compose V2.

Easily Manage Files in your Volumes

Volumes can quickly take up local disk storage and without an easy way to see which ones are being used or their contents, it can be hard to free up space. This is why in the release of Docker Desktop 3.5 we’ve made it even easier for Pro and Team users to explore the directories and files inside of a volume. We’ve added in the modified date, kind, and size of files so that you can quickly identify what is taking up all that space and decide if you can part with it.

Docker Dev Environments

In 3.5 we released a technical preview of Docker Dev Environments. Check out our blog to learn more about why we built this and how it works.

#docker desktop #docker dev environments #docker

Docker Architecture Overview & Docker Components [For Beginners]

If you have recently come across the world of containers, it’s probably not a bad idea to understand the underlying elements that work together to offer containerisation benefits. But before that, there’s a question that you may ask. What problem do containers solve?

After building an application in a typical development lifecycle, the developer sends it to the tester for testing purposes. However, since the development and testing environments are different, the code fails to work.

Now, predominantly, there are two solutions to this – either you use a Virtual Machine or a containerised environment such as Docker. In the good old times, organisations used to deploy VMs for running multiple applications.

So, why did they started adopting containerisation over VMs? In this article, we will provide detailed explanations of all such questions.

#docker containers #docker engine #docker #docker architecture

Jack Salvator

Jack Salvator


New Angular 7 Features With Example - Info Stans

What is new in New Angular 7? New Angular 7 features have turned out as a powerful release that really brought advancement in the application development structure.

Here, we have listed new Angular 7 features with examples and write the difference between Angular 6 and Angular 7.

  • Bundle Budget
  • Virtual Scrolling
  • Error Handling
  • Documentation Updates
  • Application Performance
  • Native Script
  • CLI Prompts
  • Component in angular 7
  • Drag and Drop
  • Angular Do-Bootstrap

Read more: Angular 7 Features With Example

#angular 7 features #what’s new angular 7 #new angular 7 features #angular 7 features with examples