How Much Does It Cost To Create A Restaurant App?

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Restaurant App?

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In the hospitality sector, restaurant mobile apps have had one of the highest adoption rates in the last few years.

To add to the already growing rate, lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic in different parts of the world has caused the demand to grow exponentially.

Restaurant owners adopting online services via apps have a competitive edge over their peers. There are several mobile app development companies in San Francisco and other areas that have worked with such clients in the past.

They are able to reach larger audiences and promote their brand. Also, the data gathered by the apps give owners an idea of what offers and promotional products they can give to their customers at different times of the day.

If you are a restaurant owner and planning to come up with your own mobile app, you need to have a proper plan first. As understandable, the more features you want, the more will be the cost of app development. Other factors affecting the costs include choice of platform (iOS/Android/both) and technologies as well as app’s design and functionality.

The time required and the developers that need to work on the project will also change with the increase in the app’s complexity. Knowing what your budget is and what are the features you can get in that budget is important.

Any top mobile app development company in Los Angeles and other cities can help you during consultation if you cannot decide. In this article, we will understand what the essential features of any restaurant app are and what is the estimated cost of development. 

Restaurant App Common Features

Listed next are some of the common features seen in restaurant apps.

●Menu: If you are making a food ordering app for your restaurant, the customers will want to look at all the options they have and the cost of different food items. For this, a menu component with attractive pictures of scrumptious-looking food is a must. You can also add customization options for dishes.

●Ordering options: This will provide customers details of what they can order at a certain time (peak or non-peak hours) of the day. Opening hours and minimum order value can also be mentioned for the ease of consumers.

This gives options to customers for quickly making reservations in advance and dining in, home delivery as well as self-pickup. Looking at client feedback from mobile app development companies in San Francisco, you can conclude restaurant management becomes easier as the assignment of tasks gets streamlined.

●Payment options: Payment gateway integration with several options to pay for meal orders online saves the time of both the employees and the consumers. You can consult any mobile app development company in Chicago for secure options.

●Geolocation: Maps help customers in knowing your restaurant’s exact location. Besides tracking of order status, tracking the delivery order becomes simple as the path taken by the delivery person to reach the customer's place gets displayed on the map.

●Customer reviews: Besides customer support, verified customer ratings and reviews provide restaurants good feedback on what they are doing right and what they can improve on.

It also helps other customers in deciding what the best options for them are. Talk to any mobile app development company in Chicago and you will know customers sharing their feedback over social media gives how much publicity to your restaurant. 

●Push notifications: Push notifications added by almost all mobile app developers in NYC or others alert customers whenever there is an offer for them. This increases the chances of their ordering and boosts revenue.

●Loyalty programs:  If customers can win cashback, loyalty points, and other cool offers by ordering from the app, it will help in growing the customer's relationship with the business. This even helps in getting new customers onboard.

In complex apps, besides simple features, there are a lot of additional options as discussed here. Looking at the portfolio of app developers in NYC, you can easily conclude that there is no end to the number of features that can be added to an app. 

Cost Estimation

The time for creating a custom restaurant app will include thinking about the design, writing code, testing, and more. The development team from NYC, for example, will consist of app developers in NYC, designers, quality assurance engineers, and project managers.

The team usually discusses such things with the restaurant management team and can take anywhere between less than a month to almost a year.

Restaurant app development cost on average will be roughly between $1,000 to $10,000.

If you are a big restaurant or a multinational franchise, the prices can even go beyond $50,000 if you consider mobile app developers NYC. In countries where the incomes are lower, the amount charged by developers will be drastically reduced.


There is no doubt regarding the benefits of having an app for your restaurant. However, keep in mind that if you have just started and have a limited budget, you should wait till your brand grows a bit and you get loyal customers.

For the time being, you can consider pre-built apps by any top mobile app development company Los Angeles.

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