I Earn $100 per Hour Writing On Medium — You Can Too

I Earn $100 per Hour Writing On Medium — You Can Too

I Earn $100 per Hour Writing On Medium — You Can Too. Want to learn more about how you can earn more money writing on Medium or writing effort to make $100–$500 per month. Earnings are then updated within a few hours. Turning your development skills into money using content creation.

Turning your development skills into money using content creation.


A great platform to share knowledge, experiences, and life stories.

I started consistently posting tech-related articles on Medium around a year ago.


I’m not 100% sure.

I like writing. It’s a great way of exploring what has been going on inside of your mind. It forces you to find out what has been happening in your life the last day, week, month, year, or even your entire life.

Besides exploring how your mind has been developing lately, writing has allowed me to share my knowledge regarding my work field.

This is great for anyone who has a certain passion or loves their job.

Writing will make you rethink what you already know and what you still need to learn regarding a subject.

Personally, I love sharing things I learn about web-development.

Cool HTML. Crazy CSS tricks. Life-saving JavaScript know-hows.

I love them all.

And most of all, I love sharing these things with any- and everyone who might need these things.

That’s the main reason I started writing. Sharing my knowledge with anyone who might benefit from it.

That’s all!

Getting views, receiving claps, and making money were things I really wasn’t concerned with.

My very first article, “Animating text like Sketch does using only CSS”, got almost 2k views in the first week!

(My very first Medium article)

This really surprised me because one, I had 0 (zero) followers on Medium and secondly, I never thought that THAT many people would read, in my mind, such a simple article.

I did have a little luck, because a big publication ( Prototypr), asked me to post it on their publication.

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