Google maps directions - spaces between polylines

Google maps directions - spaces between polylines

I am facing this ugly problem, can anyone solve this ? I want to get rid of that ugly spacec between lines. I need to keep the width.<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>

I am facing this ugly problem, can anyone solve this ? I want to get rid of that ugly spacec between lines. I need to keep the width.

code(adding polylines) :

thread {
        val response = getResponse(points[1].location, points[2].location, "driving21.").log()
        when (response) {

        is Result.Failure -&gt; "Fail".log()

        is Result.Success -&gt;
            response.value.routes[0].listOfLegs[0].listOfSteps.forEach { element -&gt;
                //                    element.points.log()
                val options = PolylineOptions()
                options.color(Color.rgb(255, 26, 140))
                runOnUiThread {


after adding .jointType(JointType.ROUND)

there is another problem

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