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Build File Upload/Download Functionality with Image Preview


In this article, we will create a file upload and download functionality with a preview of the image using the MERN stack.

By creating this App, you will learn

  • How to upload a file using drag and drop
  • How to upload and download any type of file
  • How to restrict the type of the file while uploading
  • How to restrict the size of the file while uploading
  • How to show a preview of the image after selecting it
  • How to use MongoDB to store and get the details of the file

and much more.

Instead of storing the file in the MongoDB database as base64 encoded, we will be storing the file on the server and only storing the path of the file inside the database so as to keep the database size smaller and to easily access and move the files as per the need.

We’re using a very popular react-dropzone npm library for implementing the drag and drop functionality.

For actual file upload, we’re using multer npm library which is also very popular for uploading files.

We will be using React Hooks for building this application, so If you’re not familiar with it, check out my previous article here for the introduction to Hooks.

We will be using the MongoDB database so make sure you install it locally by following my previous article here

Initial Setup

Create a new project using create-react-app

create-react-app react-upload-download-files

Once the project is created, delete all files from the src folder and create index.js and styles.scss files inside the src folder. Also, create componentsrouter and utils folders inside the src folder.

Install the necessary dependencies:

yarn add axios@0.20.0 bootstrap@4.5.2 downloadjs@1.4.7 node-sass@4.14.1 react-bootstrap@1.3.0 react-dropzone@11.2.0 react-router-dom@5.2.0

Open styles.scss and add the contents from here inside it.

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Build File Upload/Download Functionality with Image Preview

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Where can I get a full source code for file download and upload?

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Laravel 7 Multiple Image Upload with Preview

Here, i will show you how to upload multiple image with preview using ajax in laravel.

Laravel 7 Ajax Multiple Image Upload with Preview

Just follow the below steps and upload multiple images using ajax with showing preview in laravel applications:

  • Install Laravel Fresh Setup
  • Setup Database Credentials
  • Create Route
  • Generate Controller By Command
  • Create the blade view
  • Start Development Server


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Ahebwe Oscar


how to integrate CKEditor in Django

how to integrate CKEditor in Django

Welcome to my Blog, in this article we learn about how to integrate CKEditor in Django and inside this, we enable the image upload button to add an image in the blog from local. When I add a CKEditor first time in my project then it was very difficult for me but now I can easily implement it in my project so you can learn and implement CKEditor in your project easily.

how to integrate CKEditor in Django

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Multiple File Upload in Laravel 7, 6

in this post, i will show you easy steps for multiple file upload in laravel 7, 6.

As well as how to validate file type, size before uploading to database in laravel.

Laravel 7/6 Multiple File Upload

You can easily upload multiple file with validation in laravel application using the following steps:

  1. Download Laravel Fresh New Setup
  2. Setup Database Credentials
  3. Generate Migration & Model For File
  4. Make Route For File uploading
  5. Create File Controller & Methods
  6. Create Multiple File Blade View
  7. Run Development Server


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Laravel 8 Image Upload Example

In this post I will explain laravel 8 image upload example, image or file upload is most common task in web developing so here, i will show you how to upload image in laravel 8.

Here we will see laravel 8 upload image to public folder, So here we will create two routes, one for get method and second for post method. and also we are creating basic form with file input. So you have to simple select image and then it will upload in “images” directory of public folder.

Laravel 8 Image Upload Example


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Ajax Multiple Image Upload with Progress bar with jQuery in Laravel

In this post, i will show you, how you can upload multiple file with progress bar in laravel using jQuery ajax.

So follow below given steps to create ajax multiple image upload with progress bar with jquery and laravel php.

Multiple File Upload with Progress bar Using jQuery and Laravel PHP

Now follow the below given simple and easy step to upload multiple file with progress bar in laravel using jQuery ajax:

  • Step 1: Download Laravel App
  • Step 2: Add Database Details
  • Step 3: Create Migration & Model
  • Step 4: Add Routes For Multiple File Upload
  • Step 5: Create Controller by Artisan
  • Step 6: Create Blade View
  • Step 7: Run Development Server


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