5 Ways to Improve Your Web Page Performance

5 Ways to Improve Your Web Page Performance

We will discuss 5 useful ways to improve your web page performance: Bundling and Minification, Reduce Image Size, Caching and Content Delivery Networks, Delay Your JavaScript Loading, Load JavaScript Asynchronously

5 Useful Tips to Increase The Performance of Your Web Page


Most of the website owners think that having a lot of awesome effects on their web page will get the most customers. But those extra features (animations and etc) are only fine as long as customers don’t have to wait 10 seconds for the website to load. Optimizing your web page performance is a good way to improve user experience, but a fast website comes with sacrifices. Web performance optimization is a never-ending job.

In this article, we will discuss some useful ways to improve your web page performance. But first, let’s check how we can track our website performance using the developer tools in the browser.

Track Website Performance

You can track your website’s performance by opening the developer tools in your browser(hit F12 in Chrome). After that, go to the Network tab and then reload a page on your site. You will see some results like the below example:

Web Page Performance.

Web Page Performance.

As you can see in this situation, the web page took 22.85 seconds and 95 requests to load the entire content of the page. That is a big loading time, the users don’t like to wait a lot. But we can solve that by improving the performance with the below tips.

  1. Bundling and Minification
  2. Reduce Image Size
  3. Caching and Content Delivery Networks
  4. Delay Your JavaScript Loading
  5. Load JavaScript Asynchronously

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