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In this article, we’ll discuss information about the Xiasi Inu project and XIASI token

Xiasi Inu aims to have its project in the hands of the community that stands by it and plans to achieve this by locking the liquidity as well as relinquishing the ownership, which then allows the community to become the face and leader of Xiasi Inu. Xiasi Inu is a deflationary yield-generating token. Xiasi Inu is creating an IDO platform named Xiasi Pad.

This is a platform that will allow whitelisted addresses to swap BNB or BUSD for an allocation in projects (tokens) released on Xiasi Inu’s platform. New tokens looking to launch on Xiasi Pad, will get exposure to thousands of new potential buyers to help raise awareness and liquidity. These tokens will also be distributed to those who stake $Xiasi for a period of time. In addition, those staking Xiasi will receive little cosmetics that they can equip to their own personal Xiasi. The greater the amount staked the more limited edition and unique the cosmetic will be (e.g., toys/clothing/treats/shelter).

All tokens wanting to be listed have to go through a verification process in order to stop rug pulls and scammers on the platform. These tokens are able to provide a percentage of each transaction where it will go to a charity of their choice listed on the platform. Xiasi Inu is making a social influence with an initial focus on cancer charities in holland which will be listed first on the IDO platform.

Our main aim is to build a community through transparency and security. Xiasi accomplishes this by integrating an Anti-Pump-Dump-Exit whales’ scheme where buyers are unable to purchase more than 0.2% of the total supply. This is to ensure that even if holders sell their tokens, it will not damage the market causing the price to plummet.

Xiasi Inu has an 8% tax on every transaction. 4% is distributed to holders, 4% is auto locked into the LP pool, increasing rewards for holders, and increasing the price floor over time. A charity wallet has been put in place which will help with future funding and a percentage will be allocated to a charity of the community’s choice.

  • Listed on CoinGecko
  • Listing on LBank exchange, 21:00, 18th June 2021
  • Listing on Hotbit exchange, 21st June 2021

Where to buy Xiasi Inu ($Xiasi) 1) $XIASI Inu token is available on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. MetaMask is the market leader in BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain) wallets. On Google Chrome, visit metamask.io to download the extension and set up a wallet. On mobile? Get MetaMask’s app for iPhone or Android. Then add binance smart chain to MetaMask following this handy guide. 2) Buy BNB through MetaMask or transfer it to your MetaMask wallet address from another wallet on the Binance Smart Chain network (e.g., Coinbase or Binance). 3) You can currently buy $XIASI on PancakeSwap, Xiasi’s current official exchange where you can swap any BEP20 token. 4) Enter the amount of $BNB you would like to swap for $XIASI. Click Connect Wallet then Swap

Why Xiasi?

Instant Rewards

For every single transaction made within the network and with the use of Xiasi, a transaction fee is distributed to all existing holders. This means your balance will continuously grow by holding!

Community Powered

Xiasi Inu is fully decentralized and owned by its great, vibrant community. We welcome and embrace diverse perspectives to build XIASI INU into the best community in crypto.

Patience_ is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”_

Secure & Safe

Xiasi has completed an audit with TechRate to prove the safety and security the token holds. That means zero risk to our investors from potential bad actors.

Planned Utility

Xiasi Swap

XiasiSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) where users can swap any Smart Chain token for another one. Running on Binance Smart Chain allows for swifter and inexpensive transactions compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin. Our plan is to become the largest and safest DEX in the world for BSC. Holders would be able to stake Xiasi in order to earn greater awards. Also, the more you stake the more features such as limited edition pieces of clothing can be added to your own Xiasi. The more you add into your liquidity pool, the more cool toys you can give Xiasi. Top stakers will have the best pieces of items for Xiasi, which can be sold as NFTS to the members in the community for Xiasi.

Xiasi Merch

In the later phases, Xiasi merchandise will take Xiasi mainstream by allowing holders to represent XIASI on hoodies, tshirts and joggers. The merch line will increase as the number of holders increases. In the future we plan to collab with iconic brands to help raise awareness for different charities. For example, Balenciaga released a “I Love Pets”, where 10% of proceeds are donated to animal protection charities. Instead we will also collab with the iconic brand and another 10% will go to the charity.

Xiasi IDO Platform

Xiasi not only wants to help charities but wants to also bring other coins onboard to help charitable causes. XiasiPad is a platform that allows whitelisted addresses to swap BNB or BUSD for an allocation in projects released and listed on the platform. By launching on XiasiPad, tokens will get exposure to thousands of new potential buyers to help raise awareness and liquidity. The platform will not only aid new launched tokens but also gives some of the tokens to existing $XIASI stakers. The platform enables anyone to create a coin in seconds, however, not any coin can get listed. All coins wanting to be listed have to go through a verification process in order to stop rugpulls and scammers on our platform.

Tokenomics & Stats

8% Redistribution
1 Quadrillion: TOTALY SUPPLY

$0.000000000 CURRENT PRICE

How and Where to Buy XIASI token?

XIASI token is now live on the Binance mainnet. The token address for XIASI is 0x0e20E3216EA172fcf9eAa19723b119e090fD353f. Be cautious not to purchase any other token with a smart contract different from this one (as this can be easily faked). We strongly advise to be vigilant and stay safe throughout the launch. Don’t let the excitement get the best of you.

Just be sure you have enough BNB in your wallet to cover the transaction fees.

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You will have to first buy one of the major cryptocurrencies, usually either Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Binance (BNB)…

We will use Binance Exchange here as it is one of the largest crypto exchanges that accept fiat deposits.

Once you finished the KYC process. You will be asked to add a payment method. Here you can either choose to provide a credit/debit card or use a bank transfer, and buy one of the major cryptocurrencies, usually either Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Binance (BNB)…


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Contract: 0x0e20E3216EA172fcf9eAa19723b119e090fD353f

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The top exchange for trading in XIASI token is currently Pancakeswap

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What is Xiasi Inu (XIASI) | What is Xiasi Inu token | What is XIASI token