How to Add React Native Web in a Crowdbotics Mobile App

How to Add React Native Web in a Crowdbotics Mobile App

Using React Native Web, an open-source project, React Native core API components can be used to build a web application using the same source code.

React Native is a fantastic framework that continues to improve over time. It’s open-source and allows us to build cross-platform mobile applications using JavaScript as its core.

Using React Native Web, an open-source project, React Native core API components can be used to build universal applications using the same source code. It uses React DOM at the core to render a majority of React Native components.

In this post, let's take a step-by-step look at how you can integrate and configure React Native Web in a RADStack app generated using Crowdbotics' build tool.

Create a Crowdbotics mobile app

To create a new mobile app using Crowdbotics, go the app dashboard screen and click the button Create App.

You will be redirected to the Create App screen, where you will see options for naming your app and choosing what type of scaffold to build. Select the option Build from Scratch in the side menu, then select the type of the app to be Mobile App. Then enter the name of the app in the input field as shown below:

react native react

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