What is Talent Curation and Why is it Important? - WillHire Inc.

What is Talent Curation and Why is it Important? - WillHire Inc.

What is Talent Curation | Talent curation is a must for any direct sourcing program and without it, the program won’t succeed - WillHire Inc.

What is Talent Curation? | Finding and engaging top talent quickly and efficiently is the number one goal when companies hire, whether it’s for full-time or contract. Looking past traditional methodologies is a must in order for companies to connect with today’s workers.

Direct sourcing and talent pools have become the go-to strategy for companies looking to find talent quickly and efficiently, and to reduce costs. Direct sourcing is all about leveraging a company’s high quality brand to attract, curate, and engage with talent. However, most direct sourcing dialogue has been centered around talent attraction. While attraction tools are absolutely a must, the most critical part of direct sourcing is curation and it’s being completely missed. Why? Most likely because curation can be a somewhat confusing topic and there are many competing thoughts on this topic.

So really what is talent curation? Curation is combination of many key elements, both human and automation;

Matching of skills to open jobs Proactive talent pool building with necessary skills to meet hiring needs of today and tomorrow Staying connected with candidates in your talent pool through the channels they want to be communicated with Skills assessment and testing to ensure quality Thorough screening and interviews to validate the perfect fit Curation is strategic, systematic, and tailored by role, industry, and skill and immediately provides value to the hiring organization.

What is the value of curation for the hiring company? Curation provides immediate and quantifiable value to the organization;

Time to fill is drastically reduced on the average of 30-50% Candidate quality is dramatically improved and hiring ratio is typically 3x better Lets not forget about the candidate!

Talent curation is being proactive rather than reactive and at the heart of it all is the candidate. The candidate’s experience throughout the process from applying to the talent pool to being onboarded for work must be on par with the brand of the company. This positive experience transcends throughout the work engagement leading to higher quality of work performed, higher chance to re engage for future work opportunities, and more referrals of other high quality candidates.

Talent curation is a must for any direct sourcing program and without it, the program won’t succeed. This is why it must be considered when evaluating the technology and services providers operating in this space.

Are you interested in further insights into the benefits and components of talent curation? Take a look at our latest insights playbook, “Talent Curation: Demystifying the facts, value, and importance”

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