Top 6 Productivity Tools for Front-end Developers

Today I wanted to share with you the tools I daily use to increase my productivity as a front-end developer. 6 tools to increase your productivity as a Front-end developer.

5 JavaScript Projects You Should Build As a Front-End Developer

5 JavaScript Projects You Should Build As a Front-End Developer: Brochure website; A blog template with HTML and CSS; Web application using an API; An eCommerce shopping cart; Personal portfolio

Top 19 Front-End Web Development Tools to Consider in 2020

In this post, we are putting curated list of top tools with key features and download links "Top 19 Front End Web Development Tools to Consider in 2020"

Lessons learned from standing up a front-end development program at IBM

3 key factors to make the [email protected] (Frontend Development at IBM) program — a community and support program where developers can grow their career and their skills — a success. In 2015, we created the [email protected] program to support front-end developers and give them the opportunity to learn new skills and teach other devs about their specific areas of expertise. While company programs often die out due to lack of funding, executive backing, interest, or leadership, our community is thriving in spite of losing the funding, executive support, and resources we had at the program’s inception.

Setting Up Pop!_OS for Front End Development

If you’ve heard all the chatter lately about Pop!_OS and have been wanting to try it out, here’s a good guide to setting up a front end…