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How To Run Amazing Remote Design Sprints!

How do you run a Remote Design Sprint successfully? We’ve facilitated hundreds of Design Sprints over the years, and in this video we’ll share the processes, tools and techniques on how we run a 100% Remote Design Sprint!

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If you’re looking to run and host Remote Design Sprints for your clients, business, or teams, this is not one to miss!

** Timestamped sections and all tools / resources are further down in this description! **

This video is taken from a recording of a live webinar, usually reserved for our Design Sprint Masterclass community, on Remote Design Sprints that we have opened up to the public!

Featuring AJ&Smart CEO Jonathan Courtney, and our Product Design Director Tim Höfer.

We’ll cover off: The Structure of our remote Design Sprints, our pre-client survey, how we use Miro, how we run specific Sprint exercises, such as; The Map, Lightning Demos, Solution Concepts, User Test Flows and Storyboards, along with an in-depth Q&A from the webinar audience towards the end.

Key Timestamped Sections:

(00:00) - Intro

(01:45) - Webinar Starts

(02:41) - How We Run Remote Design Sprints (Intro)

(03:29) - The Structure

(14:49) - Pre-Client Survey

(23:08) - How We Use Miro

(27:18) - Specific Sprint Exercises

(33:40) - Lightning Demos

(33:05) - Solution Concepts

(37:11) - User Test Flows & Storyboard

(39:01) - User Testing & The ‘Wall Of Justice’

(42:36) - What Does The (Remote) Storyboard Look Like?

(46:10) - Remote Design Sprints Webinar Q&A

(46:18) Q1 - Which sections of the Remote Sprint are ‘online’ and asynchronous (and homework)? And which bits are undertaken remotely in real time?

(47:06) Q2 - 3 Part Sketching / Concept Sketching = How much time is allocated, and when?

(48:56) Q3 - How do we deal with technical issues, quickly and professionally?

(51:15) Q4 - Which whiteboard / project tools do we prefer - Miro or Mural?!

(53:11) Q5 - If we had to choose between ‘fully remote’ and ‘fully In-person’ which would we choose, and why?

(55:02) Q6 - The tech stack / tools we use at AJ&Smart for remote sprint projects!

(58:25) - Outro and closing statements.

*** Resources and Tools mentioned: ***

Miro (for remote sprint exercises / digital whiteboard):

Zoom (for video conferencing):

Loom (for recording user testing calls):

Basecamp (for all client updates):

Notion (for internal project management and databasing):

Slack (for internal comms):

Blue Yeti Microphone (for recording audio in better quality):

Webcam - Logitech C920 HD Pro -

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Remote Design Sprints (A Behind The Scenes Webinar) 2020:


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How To Run Amazing Remote Design Sprints!

What is Design Sprint and How to Run It?

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Designing Mobile Apps using the latest UI Design Principles

The mobile technology world is growing at the speed of light, and the apps have become an integral part of our daily life. We can now see an influx of technology with tools that can help create mobile apps. All of them are becoming more accessible and hence people are getting on their first app making journeys. Since the mobile app industry is getting bigger and better than ever, businesses from all corners of the world are trying to develop mobile apps for their operations and marketing. Designing a mobile app for businesses is the first step, though. Company owners are in charge of the basic look and feel of the designed product. With a brilliant mobile app design, one can establish a relationship between app and user very well.

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