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How to Place Image or Video Inside Silhouette | Quick CSS Tricks

How to Place Image or Video Inside Silhouette | Quick CSS Tricks


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How to Place Image or Video Inside Silhouette | Quick CSS Tricks
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Css trick: add colour and linear-gradient to a background image

Implementing responsive background-image is very simple, but combining it withadditional** background-color** and **linear-gradient **is not as simple as imagined, and if you also have to make the background image light and transparent, and also with some text on it that should not be transparent …

Yeah, it sounds cumbersome 🙈, but this is the task I encountered in my current project, let me explain the purpose with pictures first.

We have two different images ( I’m using example images here ) that need to be displayed according to the screen size, mobile version and desktop version: 👇

For the component I created the example code below:

My purpose is to use css property “display**” **to confirm which image is displayed on which device according to screen sizes.

✂️ Implementing them is simple, but here comes the requirement, the final effect should look like these below:

mobile image with effect

Ok, after first glance, what I see is that we maybe need some **linear-gradient, someadditional background colors, some text positions, **some image opacity rules

Let’s start with the first image (desktop version) 🌸

First, create CSS for the desktop image wrapper, I named it “heroImageWrapper”, see example code screenshot below: 👇 ( click on the screenshot for the complete view )

define height and width is very important

  • With CSS “display”, we could determine that this image should only appear on screen size that is bigger than 481px as “desktop” version
  • Give the wrapper an “relative” position so that we can position the text within it later
  • Define linear-gradientwith 90deg (t_he values _0deg180deg270deg, and 90deg, are equivalent to to topto bottomto left, and to right respectively) and opacity: 0.92 to blur the left side a little
  • … add some border, border-radius …

🌱 Now comes the interesting part, as we see from final effect, there should be some additional colors, opacity … , until now we have only implemented the **linear-gradient and some opacity, **but the picture should be darker and more blurred, how can we add another color to overlap the entire image?

Maybe we can imagine with something like an overlay between the image and the text. Either way, we need a CSS technique to introduce this kind of coverage. 🍁

Natively, CSS provides the powerful ::before, ::after elements for adding stylistic content to the page that shouldn’t affect markup.

In this case, my solution was use “before” to add a “pseudo” content which is actually only a “placeholder” without any content except an additional background color #beddf2.

👉 One important note, all pseudo-elements require a content CSS property to display. In our case, this will just be a blank string.

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Ray  Patel

Ray Patel


top 30 Python Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Welcome to my Blog , In this article, you are going to learn the top 10 python tips and tricks.

1) swap two numbers.

2) Reversing a string in Python.

3) Create a single string from all the elements in list.

4) Chaining Of Comparison Operators.

5) Print The File Path Of Imported Modules.

6) Return Multiple Values From Functions.

7) Find The Most Frequent Value In A List.

8) Check The Memory Usage Of An Object.

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John David

John David


How to Place Image or Video Inside Silhouette | Quick CSS Tricks

How to Place Image or Video Inside Silhouette | Quick CSS Tricks


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The NineHertz


How to Hire Video Game Developers For Video Game Development Company?

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Though kickstarting a new game-making studio is not an easy task. This business requires a team with a huge passion to create games and earn money from these video games. The idea of the approach is to create such unique games that will reach millions of people in the world and gain popularity. This growth demands more professionals in this field.

This just can not be obtained by finding someone with a good CV, the whole process includes a deep dig down to grab the right talent. Read on to learn more about Mobile game developers and the process of hiring video game developers.

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