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How to Enable or Disable Windows Sandbox in Windows 11 - Study Online

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How to Enable or Disable Windows Sandbox in Windows 11 - Study Online
Emma Pacino

Emma Pacino


How You Can Change Username and Password in Window 11?

It is very simple to change the username and password in Window 11 and it hardly takes much time. There are so many ways to manage your username and password. Keep in mind you can change the username and password for administrator and other accounts also. The process of changing the username and password is similar with the process of the previous Operating System version. If the user wants to change the username and password then they can use the certain keys on their keyboard. They can also change Password by using Setting menu and Control Panel. In this article, you will read the easy way to change username and password. But if the customer needs more information about Window 11, then they can go to the site of Microsoft Office through

Method To Change Username And Password in Window 11:

Manage Windows 11 Password By using your Keyboard:

If the user wants to change the username and password then they first have to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete key at the same time from their keyboard. Then, you have to select Change a password. Here, you have to input the old password. At this point, you need to write down the new password. And lastly, you have to confirm it.

Change password using system settings:

For this, the user has to open Settings option. Then, they have to navigate to Accounts option. After this, you need to choose the Sign-in options from the left side of the window screen. Now from the right side, you need to tap on Password and then you have to choose Change option. Here, you have to write down the current password. At this point, you should write your new specific password and just confirm it. At last, you have to hit on Next option. For more assistance related to Window 11, just go to

Manage Password from Control Panel

First of all, you should tap on the Windows key on your keyboard. Then, you have to write down Control Panel and then tap on it. After this, you should look at the User Accounts option and then you have to hit on Change account type. Now, you should choose the Administrator account. At last, you should tap on Change the password.

Change account name with Control Panel on Window 11:

You should hit on Window key from your keyboard. Then, you have to open Control Panel. Now, you need to look at the User Accounts option. Here, you should click on Change Account type. After this, you should choose Administrator Account. At last, you need to press on Change the account name.

With this above mentioned method, the user can easily change the username and password on Window 11. If the customer needs any type of detail related to Window 11, then you should navigate to the official website of MS Office through

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Benefits of Taking Education Loan to Study Abroad : edu-visa

As the cost of education is getting higher rapidly, a lot of students have to give up on their dreams to study abroad. Canada is known as the best country to study abroad for Indian students. You will need approximately between INR 12,50,000 to 19,00,000 a year if you’re an Indian citizen and looking forward to studying in Canada…Read more

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How to Enable or Disable Windows Sandbox in Windows 11 - Study Online

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What Are The Benefits of AWS and Microsoft Azure ?

AWS Training and Certification causes you assemble and approve your cloud abilities so you can get increasingly out of the cloud.

Regardless of whether you are simply beginning, expanding on existing IT aptitudes, or honing your cloud information, AWS Certification online course can assist you with being progressively viable and accomplish more in the cloud.

With regards to sharpening your aptitudes and comprehension Microsoft Azure, the Microsoft Azure Certification course online is really justified, despite all the trouble. Undertakings over the globe are reclassifying the manner in which they work with versatile and secure cloud-empowered venture applications.The confirmation is intended for the Microsoft heap of items.

There is an expansive scope of points to browse in framework and engineer aptitudes. To turn into a MSCA, you need to pass two assessments and exhibit your abilities as a cloud overseer and your pathway to turning into a cloud planner.

Benefits of AWS are:

  1. Easy way to enter in AWS community: The AWS is So famous as easy way to enter in AWS community. AWS community share an Amazon certifies logo and digital badge with the expertise.

  2. Become God of Cloud: The AWS is So famous as become god of cloud. AWS is a secure Cloud Computing platform to individuals, companies and government.

  3. Expanding professional network: The AWS is So famous as expanding professional networks. It helps for developing professional networks in the community.

Microsoft Azure is the cloud based platform that provides services in domains like networking, database and developer tools that help to scale the business. Azure is offers a wide range of functionalities as analytics, storage, mobile and web applications.

Benefits of Azure are:

  1. Largest IaaS Cloud provider: Azure is the largest and secured IaaS cloud service provider with a vast Microsoft product. Azure is supports Linux based operating systems.

  2. Simple and easy learning tool: Microsoft Azure learning is simple and easy learning tool. It is a simple and easy tool that creates and develop cloud based local applications easily.

  3. Using of Virtual machines: Microsoft Azure helps to learn different types of virtual machines. These are used for management, configuration and monitoring.

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Emma Pacino

Emma Pacino


How to Fix If Headphones Are Not Working in Window 11?

Some user’s faces the issue like Headphones are not working in Window 11. To fix this issue, you should check cable is connected properly and also reset your peripherals. In this published blog, you will read the solution to fix if headphones are not working in Window 11. If customer needs details, visit to

Method To Fix If Headphones Are Not Working in Window 11:

1. Check Proper Connection:

Check headphones are connected in optimal conditions:

There are some users who do not check the cable connections, then these results in error. When headphones issues occur, you should check that your USB cable is connected to your PC. In this situation, you should check both headphones and power source ports. You can power off, or then power back on your headset and PC.

Check cable is not faulty:

If your cable and headphones are connected but your device is not working, then you must check if the cable is not faulty. In this situation, you should try the same cable into other PC and then check the issue. This is best for both Bluetooth headsets as well as for normal headphones. The user can also connect a different cable to your Computer system and headphones.

Also click here - How to Troubleshoot If Wireless Drivers Are Missing on PC?

2. Check Headphones are set as Default Device:

You should right-click on the Sound icon from the taskbar and then choose Sounds. After this, you should select the Playback tab, and then hit on headphones. Now, you should tap on Set as Default button, and then click on OK.

3. Reset Headphones:

Resetting your headphones will solve the issue related to random bugs in your device. For this, you should press the power button and then check the Bluetooth headset’s light indicator flashes blue or red.

4. Check Window Updates:

You should open Settings. After this, you should visit to Windows Update. Now, you should select Check for updates. For detail information, visit to

5. Run System Troubleshooter:

You should open Settings and then go to System. After this, you should scroll down and then tap on Troubleshoot. Now, you should choose Recommended troubleshooter preferences.

6. Update your Audio and Sound Drivers:

It is very essential you should update your Drivers timely so that you do not get into trouble.

Manually Update:

For this, you should open Device Manager. Then, you should expand Audio inputs and outputs. Now, you should right-click on your headphones, and then choose Update driver. Here, you should tap on Search automatically for drivers. At this point, Windows will search the best available driver and then install it on your computer system.

Automatically Update:

To automatically update, you should use third-party software which will install, scan, and update driver in your computer system. It is advised always keep your drivers up to date.

The above method will help you to fix the issue if Headphones are not working in Window 11. For more help or info, the user can go to MS Office site through

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