What is Experty Wisdom Token (WIS)

What is Experty Wisdom Token (WIS)

DeFi Wisdom Pool that provides knowledge liquidity. In this post, we'll discuss What is Experty Wisdom Token (WIS)?

DeFi Wisdom Pool that provides knowledge liquidity

Receive relevant messages from founders, executives, and researchers interested in DeFi. Connect with companies that respect your time.

A new way to exchange wisdom

Create your free Experty profile and join the pool of experts based on your profession and skills. Get featured among the best specialists in your field.

Receive relevant messages

Start getting messages matched with your interests from people outside of your network. It's like LinkedIn InMail messages except it's you who get paid for answer them.

Provide liquidity of knowledge

Reply within 24 hours and reward your time. Knowledge is the only thing that multiplies when you share it. Be secured by Blockchain technology.

Get more by sharing your Experty Profile

Attach your Experty Profile link to social media accounts and receive more paid messages and calls without sharing your email and phone number.

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