Java Concurrency Evolution

Java Concurrency Evolution

Java Concurrency Evolution. It is becoming crucial to understand the tooling around how the available computing capacity can be best utilized.

It is becoming crucial to understand the tooling around how the available computing capacity can be best utilized.

Since the early days of Java, Threads were available to support concurrent programming. Interestingly till Java 1.1, green threads (virtual threads) were supported by the JVM, but they were dropped in favor of native OS threads, however with Project Loom on the horizon (targeted for Java 16 or later?), virtual threads are on track to become mainstream again.

The goal of this article is to go through the main milestones for the evolution of thread/concurrency handling in Java. As the topic can easily fill a library full of books, the following aspects are out of scope (basically, the goal is to take a look at the happy path of Java concurrency):

  • Error handling – This is very limited, to say the least. Lombok’s SneakyThrows is used to support readability in the code examples.
  • Libraries and Frameworks supporting concurrency – There are endless alternative solutions for the JVM (e.g., Quasar, Akka, Guava, EA Async…)
  • Sophisticated stop conditions – When kicking off a thread with a given task, it is not always clear how and how long to wait for its completion
  • Synchronization between threads – The literature is endless about this.

So, what will we covering here, you may ask? A very valid question as it may seem that we excluded all the fun stuff. We will take an example task which we will solve multiple times using newer / different approaches, and we will compare their execution ”behavior.” By nature, this list can’t be complete. I tried to collect the native solutions (the reactive approach is the outlier here, but it became mainstream enough not to leave it out).

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