How to Call contract inside another contarct in solidity version 0.5.2?

How to Call contract inside another contarct in solidity version 0.5.2?

<strong>I'm using solidity version 0.5.2</strong>

I'm using solidity version 0.5.2

pragma solidity ^0.5.2;

contract CampaignFactory{ address[] public deployedCampaigns;

function createCampaign(uint minimum) public{ address newCampaign = new Campaign(minimum,msg.sender); //Error //here!!! deployedCampaigns.push(newCampaign); }

function getDeployedCampaigns() public view returns(address[] memory){ return deployedCampaigns; } }

I'm getting the error while assigning calling the Campaign contract inside CampaignFactory contract

TypeError: Type contract Campaign is not implicitly convertible to expected 
type address.
address newCampaign = new Campaign(minimum,msg.sender);

I have another contract called Campaign which i want to access inside CampaignFactory.

contract Campaign{
//some variable declarations and some codes here......

and I have the constructor as below

constructor (uint minimum,address creator) public{


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