5 Magical Tricks to improve your Visualization Design using Matplotlib

5 Magical Tricks to improve your Visualization Design using Matplotlib

A collection of new features you should add to your code

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It is impossible to know everything, no matter how much our experience has increased over the years, there are many things that remain hidden from us. This is normal, and maybe an exciting motivation to search and learn more. And I am sure that this is what drove you to this article.

We know that one of Matplotlib’s most important features is its ability to play well with many operating systems and graphics backends. Matplotlib supports dozens of backends and output types, which means you can count on it to work regardless of which operating system you are using or which output format you wish [1].

I am sharing with you 5 magical tricks and new features I didn’t know about before, to improve your design and visualization skills using Matplotlib. These tricks will lend a helping hand to your work and make it more professional.

In case one of these features did not work for you, please update your Matplotlib version using:

pip install -U matplotlib

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Trick 1: Plots Annotation

Our first trick for today is annotations which are types of comments added to a plot at a point to make it more understandable, clarify more information, or define the role of that point.

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To do so, we are going to use _plt.annotate() _function from Matplotlib. It allows you to create arrows, join them, and make them point to a specific zone. You can adapt the lines above to your own code:

This method will definitely help you to present your work either in writing, in a Latex report, Ph.D. defense, and so on…

Trick 2: Zoom Method

I think this is the most magical trick to mention. This new feature is so helpful and interesting, especially for researchers and data scientists. The method _indicate_inset_zoom() _returnsa rectangle showing where the zoom is located which helps you show a specific part of the curve without plotting another one.

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