Serverless Framework  —  Develop Your First Function As A Service

Serverless Framework  —  Develop Your First Function As A Service

Serverless is a cloud computing plaftorm running application functions, there is no concept of servers or OS from developer’s point of view as the platform abstracts away the complexity of underlying infrastructure components.

Managing servers and provisioning computing resources inevitably are part of software development as app logic need to servers to run. Going"serverless" brings about a revolutionary change, it not only save substantial effort on infrastructure administration but also largely boosts velocity of development teams.

Serverless is about developers focusing their efforts on what provides value to their users (and not wasting time on anything else) — Serverless Manifesto (

"pay-per-use" charging model is another marvellous feature. Paying only for the actual consumption of computing resources while idle resource is free of charge, it significantly reduces the hosting cost. 

In this article, you will get familiar with the serverless application development. I will illustrate the concepts and show you how to build an app with the tooling provided by Serverless Framework on AWS cloud.

What is Serverless?

Serverless is a cloud computing plaftorm running application functions, there is no concept of servers or OS from developer’s point of view as the platform abstracts away the complexity of underlying infrastructure components. Therefore, developers can whole heartedly focus on business function coding.

The Use Case & Architecture Design

Use Case

To begin with, learning by example is an effectively to pick up new knowlege and skills, so I’ve made up this sample app — product promotion system. It runs a daily batch process which analyzes product sales and formulates product promotions. On the other hand, it exposes API for clients to fetch list of available promotions.

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Use Cases

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