EKS Cluster Auto Scaling (Kubernetes Autoscaler | EKS Cluster Autoscaler |

In the EKS Cluster Auto Scaling tutorial, we gonna talk about how to autoscale EKS instance groups using Kubernetes cluster autoscaler.
We will use both managed and unmanaged EKS node groups.
However, AWS recommends using managed instance groups since they come with automatic Auto Scaling group discovery and graceful node termination.

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0:00 Intro
0:16 Create EKS cluster with eksctl
4:13 Create IAM OIDC provider
5:18 Create IAM policy for autoscaler
6:05 Create IAM role for autoscaler
7:25 Deploy Kubernetes cluster autoscaler
12:50 Create Nginx deployment to test autoscaler

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EKS Cluster Auto Scaling (Kubernetes Autoscaler | EKS Cluster Autoscaler |