Projen: NodeJS Project Boilerplating

Projen: NodeJS Project Boilerplating

Projen: NodeJS project boilerplating. A new code-as-file-structure way of getting NodeJs project setup continuously, a boilerplate NodeJs project to be cloned when creating a new project. This is the general example of how this app works.

JavaScript-based projects lately getting the bar ever so higher in terms of quality and tooling. Developers make use of an ever wider range of tools, services and standards. Compiling, testing, bundling, linting. Keeping up with those could be tedious.

Some, having faced this problem numerous times before, opted in for maintaining a boilerplate project to be cloned when creating a new project. While this definitely get things done, there’s still room for improvement.

A non-technical example of this is when you go into a restaurant and ask for what some other person is having. That choice was fast but wasn’t really yours and it’s a one-off thing — it’s not reliable nor reproducible.

-“I’ll have what she’s having.”

“When Harry Met Sally” (1989) — “I’ll Have What She’s Having”

A much more efficient interaction (assuming you dine here often) happens when you say “The usual”. That’s all the info that the waiter needs to bring you exactly what you want.

This might even go as far as put your selection on the menu, so that others could also order the same combination.

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