Progressive Web Apps: The New Promise For The Future of eCommerce

Progressive Web Apps: The New Promise For The Future of eCommerce

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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) as the new technology infusing web and mobile user experience came into the picture in 2015 and since then it continued to become popular among web developers. Too many leading brands already took advantage of the PWAs in shaping their web and mobile presence and the names include stalwarts like Twitter, Alibaba, Walmart, and many others. With the kind of conversion rate and genuine business opportunities they are offering, Progressive Web Apps are likely to remain popular for years to come.

When it comes to custom eCommerce solution service , PWAs appeared as the most promising choice. PWAs help the customers of web stores deliver a fully-fledged native mobile shopping experience without requiring to invest in dedicated mobile apps. PWAs in more ways than one is shaping the future of e-commerce. Here we are going to explain some of the most impressive ways PWAs are doing this. But before that let us share a few words on the basics and the features of PWAs.

What is Progressive Web App (PWA) and How Does It Work?

What is Progressive Web App (PWA) and How Does It Work

In its core, the Progressive Web App (PWA) basically refers to a web application that delivers native app-like user experience to the users. By utilizing the latest web technologies and capabilities PWAs ensure delivery of smooth native app features. While the users basically use a web app, they get a user experience of mobile apps.

The appeal of native mobile apps are well-appreciated thanks to the engaging user experience and device and platform optimized features and functionalities. By behaving like the native mobile app, the good old website actually enjoys user engagement. This is the key value proposition of the PWAs.

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