SaltStack's Open Source Future Under VMware

SaltStack's Open Source Future Under VMware

SaltStack's Open Source Future Under VMware. SaltStack’s configuration management portfolio, including its open source projects, has been merged with VMware’s suite of offerings.

Following  VMware’s purchase of SaltStack earlier this year, SaltStack’s configuration management portfolio has been merged with VMware’s suite of offerings.

SaltStack’s Salt is a leading automation and security platform for configuration management for on-premises and cloud native environments. Created with Python, Salt is in use among Juniper, Cisco, Cloudflare, Nutanix, SUSE and Tieto, as well as a number of other Fortune 500 technology companies, as well as banks. SaltStack also offers a suite of tools, including SaltStack Enterprise for Salt,  Plugin Oriented Programming (POP) and  Tiamat.

In this episode of  The New Stack Makers podcast, Salt creator  Thomas Hatch, who is also founder and chief technology officer of SaltStack, and  Janae Andrus, community manager for Salt at VMware, discuss SaltStack’s roots, evolution and integration with VMware platforms and technologies. The future of SaltStack’s open source projects were also discussed.

When Hatch created Salt, he had to anticipate how automation for platform and security configurations would evolve in the future.

“I wanted to try and be prepared for how the world would change,” he said. “And we’ve seen so many changes in infrastructure management and automation in the last decade that we’ve been really excited, especially with the VMware acquisition, that a lot of the newer technology that we’ve been able to add to Salt even recently [is] still able to be flexible enough to be able to address a lot of the new needs around automation that just didn’t exist when we started.

“So, it’s nice to be able to see that those early goals of making software that is really flexible, really pliable, has paid off,” Hatch said, “and allowed us to keep up with trends in ways that other automation platforms have struggled with.”

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