Introduction to Self Driving Cars

Introduction to Self Driving Cars

Hi everyone so with a lot of free time on my hands I have decided to pick up one of the tech buzz-words in the field of AI, Self Driving…

Driving does not seem to be a tough job for people who can drive and we have cabs, buses, public transport for people who cannot or do not want to drive. What artificial intelligence aims to do is make intelligent machines, machines that can do things we only thought humans can, and self-driving cars fall under the large umbrella of tasks to achieve that. In a few crisp points, self-driving cars can achieve: Mobility for everyone Avoid accidents that occur due to systematic human errors A lot of people learn to drive, but they all start from scratch, nobody is born with a special power wherein they know how to drive. With an elaborate and connected network of Autonomous Vehicles, each car would be better than the previous one, each car would improve on what it drove like yesterday. Yes I know it sounds naively ambitious, but it is a benefit you cannot ignore if you’re looking at advancing in this field.

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