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Envd: Reproducible development environment for AI/ML


Development environment for AI/ML

What is envd?

envd (ɪnˈvdɪ) is a command-line tool that helps you create the container-based development environment for AI/ML.

Creating development environments is not easy, especially with today's complex systems and dependencies. With everything from Python to CUDA, BASH scripts, and Dockerfiles constantly breaking, it can feel like a nightmare - until now!

Instantly get your environment running exactly as you need with a simple declaration of the packages you seek in build.envd and just one command: envd up!

Why use envd?

Environments built with envd provide the following features out-of-the-box:

Simple CLI and language

envd enables you to quickly and seamlessly integrate powerful CLI tools into your existing Python workflow to provision your programming environment without learning a new language or DSL.

def build():
    install.python_packages(name = [

Isolation, compatible with OCI image

With envd, users can create an isolated space to train, fine-tune, or serve. By utilizing sophisticated virtualization technology as well as other features like buildkit, it's an ideal solution for environment setup.

envd environment image is compatible with OCI image specification. By leveraging the power of an OCI image, you can make your environment available to anyone and everyone! Make it happen with a container registry like Harbor or Docker Hub.

Local, and cloud

envd can now be used on a hybrid platform, ranging from local machines to clusters hosted by Kubernetes. Any of these options offers an efficient and versatile way for developers to create their projects!

$ envd context use local
# Run envd environments locally
$ envd up
$ envd context use cluster
# Run envd environments in the cluster with the same experience
$ envd up

Check out the doc for more details.

Build anywhere, faster

envd offers a wealth of advantages, such as remote build and software caching capabilities like pip index caches or apt cache, with the help of buildkit - all designed to make your life easier without ever having to step foot in the code itself!

Reusing previously downloaded packages from the PyPI/APT cache saves time and energy, making builds more efficient. No need to redownload what was already acquired before – a single download is enough for repeat usage!

With Dockerfile v1, users are unable to take advantage of PyPI caching for faster installation speeds - but envd offers this support and more!

Besides, envd also supports remote build, which means you can build your environment on a remote machine, such as a cloud server, and then push it to the registry. This is especially useful when you are working on a machine with limited resources, or when you expect a build machine with higher performance.

Knowledge reuse in your team

Forget copy-pasting Dockerfile instructions - use envd to easily build functions and reuse them by importing any Git repositories with the include function! Craft powerful custom solutions quickly.

envdlib = include("")

def build():
    base(os="ubuntu20.04", language="python")

envdlib.tensorboard is defined in

def tensorboard(
    """Configure TensorBoard.

    Make sure you have permission for `host_dir`

        envd_port (Optional[int]): port used by envd container
        envd_dir (Optional[str]): log storage mount path in the envd container
        host_port (Optional[int]): port used by the host, if not specified or equals to 0,
            envd will randomly choose a free port
        host_dir (Optional[str]): log storage mount path in the host
    runtime.mount(host_path=host_dir, envd_path=envd_dir)
    runtime.expose(envd_port=envd_port, host_port=host_port, service="tensorboard")

Getting Started 🚀


  • Docker (20.10.0 or above)

Install and bootstrap envd

envd can be installed with pip, or you can download the binary release directly. After the installation, please run envd bootstrap to bootstrap.

pip3 install --upgrade envd

After the installation, please run envd bootstrap to bootstrap:

envd bootstrap

Read the documentation for more alternative installation methods.

You can add --dockerhub-mirror or -m flag when running envd bootstrap, to configure the mirror for registry:

envd bootstrap --dockerhub-mirror

Create an envd environment

Please clone the envd-quick-start:

git clone

The build manifest build.envd looks like:

def build():
    base(os="ubuntu20.04", language="python3")
    # Configure the pip index if needed.
    # config.pip_index(url = "")
    install.python_packages(name = [

Note that we use Python here as an example but please check out examples for other languages such as R and Julia here.

Then please run the command below to set up a new environment:

cd envd-quick-start && envd up
$ cd envd-quick-start && envd up
[+] ⌚ parse build.envd and download/cache dependencies 2.8s ✅ (finished)
 => download oh-my-zsh                                                    2.8s
[+] 🐋 build envd environment 18.3s (25/25) ✅ (finished)
 => create apt source dir                                                 0.0s
 => local://cache-dir                                                     0.1s
 => => transferring cache-dir: 5.12MB                                     0.1s
 => pip install numpy                                                    13.0s
 => copy /oh-my-zsh /home/envd/.oh-my-zsh                                 0.1s
 => mkfile /home/envd/                                          0.0s
 => install oh-my-zsh                                                     0.1s
 => mkfile /home/envd/.zshrc                                              0.0s
 => install shell                                                         0.0s
 => install PyPI packages                                                 0.0s
 => merging all components into one                                       0.3s
 => => merging                                                            0.3s
 => mkfile /home/envd/.gitconfig                                          0.0s
 => exporting to oci image format                                         2.4s
 => => exporting layers                                                   2.0s
 => => exporting manifest sha256:7dbe9494d2a7a39af16d514b997a5a8f08b637f  0.0s
 => => exporting config sha256:1da06b907d53cf8a7312c138c3221e590dedc2717  0.0s
 => => sending tarball                                                    0.4s
envd-quick-start via Py v3.9.13 via 🅒 envd
⬢ [envd]❯ # You are in the container-based environment!

Set up Jupyter notebook

Please edit the build.envd to enable jupyter notebook:

def build():
    base(os="ubuntu20.04", language="python3")
    # Configure the pip index if needed.
    # config.pip_index(url = "")
    install.python_packages(name = [

You can get the endpoint of the running Jupyter notebook via envd envs ls.

$ envd up --detach
$ envd envs ls
NAME                    JUPYTER                 SSH TARGET              CONTEXT                                 IMAGE                   GPU     CUDA    CUDNN   STATUS          CONTAINER ID
envd-quick-start        http://localhost:42779   envd-quick-start.envd   /home/gaocegege/code/envd-quick-start   envd-quick-start:dev    false   <none>  <none>  Up 54 seconds   bd3f6a729e94

More on documentation 📝

See envd documentation.

Roadmap 🗂️

Please checkout ROADMAP.

Contribute 😊

We welcome all kinds of contributions from the open-source community, individuals, and partners.

Open in Gitpod

Download Details:

Author: Tensorchord
Source Code: 
License: Apache-2.0 license

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Envd: Reproducible development environment for AI/ML
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Fredy Larson


How long does it take to develop/build an app?

With more of us using smartphones, the popularity of mobile applications has exploded. In the digital era, the number of people looking for products and services online is growing rapidly. Smartphone owners look for mobile applications that give them quick access to companies’ products and services. As a result, mobile apps provide customers with a lot of benefits in just one device.

Likewise, companies use mobile apps to increase customer loyalty and improve their services. Mobile Developers are in high demand as companies use apps not only to create brand awareness but also to gather information. For that reason, mobile apps are used as tools to collect valuable data from customers to help companies improve their offer.

There are many types of mobile applications, each with its own advantages. For example, native apps perform better, while web apps don’t need to be customized for the platform or operating system (OS). Likewise, hybrid apps provide users with comfortable user experience. However, you may be wondering how long it takes to develop an app.

To give you an idea of how long the app development process takes, here’s a short guide.

App Idea & Research


_Average time spent: two to five weeks _

This is the initial stage and a crucial step in setting the project in the right direction. In this stage, you brainstorm ideas and select the best one. Apart from that, you’ll need to do some research to see if your idea is viable. Remember that coming up with an idea is easy; the hard part is to make it a reality.

All your ideas may seem viable, but you still have to run some tests to keep it as real as possible. For that reason, when Web Developers are building a web app, they analyze the available ideas to see which one is the best match for the targeted audience.

Targeting the right audience is crucial when you are developing an app. It saves time when shaping the app in the right direction as you have a clear set of objectives. Likewise, analyzing how the app affects the market is essential. During the research process, App Developers must gather information about potential competitors and threats. This helps the app owners develop strategies to tackle difficulties that come up after the launch.

The research process can take several weeks, but it determines how successful your app can be. For that reason, you must take your time to know all the weaknesses and strengths of the competitors, possible app strategies, and targeted audience.

The outcomes of this stage are app prototypes and the minimum feasible product.

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sophia tondon

sophia tondon


IoT vs AI: Top Differences to Know Between Two Strong Rivals

If I talk about trending technologies, then both Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs Internet of Things (IoT) are currently at the top of the list. Whether it is IoT or AI, both are giving neck-to-neck competition; this is why nowadays businesses are inclined to embrace both technologies in software development.

• 83% of companies have enhanced their efficiency by introducing IoT technology.

• Around 79% of executives consider adopting AI in the industry will make their work effective and more manageable.

Now the question is, what is the difference between AI and IoT. To know the same, read further…
What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated, internet-connected objects that can accumulate and convey data over a wireless network without human interference.

Famous companies using IoT: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and more

Worldwide, the market for Internet of things (IoT) end-user solutions is anticipated to expand around $1.6 trillion in size by 2025.

IoT is a trend for mobile app development, but when it comes to integrating IoT technology in the business or app development process, then it is pretty complex, so to make this process easier, you can avail of IoT software development services from trustworthy IoT app development company India.

**Benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) in Businesses

Here I have mentioned the key benefits of using IoT in business. If your business has till now not adopted the IoT technology, then include it; this will help you make the business process easier.

Reduction of operating costs: IoT solutions can help enterprises cut costs and maintain a competing advantage. In the manufacturing sector, IoT devices are employed to monitor equipment and decrease downtime by predicting misalignment on the production line.

Understanding of consumer behavior: Understanding consumer choices and behavior can help businesses attain success, and with IoT grasping such important things are possible. Using IoT, businesses can gather, monitor, and examine data from social media, video surveillance, mobile, and internet usage.

Improved customer service and retention: Using IoT, businesses can collect user-specific data via smart devices and understand customers’ expectations and behavior. Doing so can help businesses improve customer service by facilitating follow-ups after sales, such as automatic tracking and customer retention.

Improved safety: Using IoT technology in various devices such as surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and other monitoring devices can help businesses form products offering high-level security.
Disadvantages of IoT

Well, all things can’t be wholly perfect same like that IoT is also having few drawbacks stated here:

Security Flaws: IoT technology gathers data from various sources, and this is why the technology lacks in offering high-level security.

Associated costs: Implementation of IoT infrastructure in a business intends to build a huge network including multiple smart devices, a massive power supply grid, and a communication network. Doing all this may require high costs.

Network dependence: The key feature of the Internet of Things is the enormous amount of interconnections between multiple devices and access to the worldwide network; these networks depend on each other means if one shows the error, then others working will also get affected.

These disadvantages can be converted into benefits, but you need to apply an extraordinary strategy for that. And only experts can do this thing in a better way, so, in order to leave these IoT cons behind, hire IoT developers working in the topmost IoT development companies.

**What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence(AI) relates to the simulation of human intelligence in machines designed to ponder like humans and imitate their actions. AI can be employed as any machine that displays traits correlated with a human mind, such as learning, understanding, and problem-resolving.

Worldwide, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) software market is projected to grow swiftly in the coming years, reaching around $126 billion by 2025.

To make efficient use of AI in your business process, avail of Artificial Intelligence development services from the top Artificial Intelligence development company. Doing so will make adequate use of AI solutions.
Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Businesses

Here I have mentioned a few factors which can help you know why AI is important for business and how it is helping various industry verticals in growing.

Real-Time Analytics: Using AI, businesses can process a massive amount of data and render it in real-time. It is one of the topmost advantages of AI for business. This approach enables enterprises to make vital decisions fast.

Better Customer Experience: AI-based chatbots are competent in rendering round-the-clock user request support at any time. Better communication quality and shorter reply times help businesses improve existing customers’ loyalty and drag new ones.

Data Security Improvement: AI can successfully be utilized to recognize fraud efforts and illegal access to personal data; this is why most finance and banking industries use AI technology.

Predictive Analytics: AI technologies can manage the enormous amount of arrays, recognizing patterns and foretelling the future. Most businesses are interested in predicting things so that they can minimize the imminent risk and other things; these all things can be simply done with the help of AI.
Disadvantages of AI

The pointers mentioned here are few cons of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Well, you can lessen the effectiveness of AI cons, and for doing so, you can hire AI developers from the foremost AI development company.

Higher Costs: Introducing AI in app development is a time taking process, and it may also cost an immense deal of money. Moreover, it is also a complex task to develop AI integrated software programs.

No creativity: Well, with AI, you cannot do innovative things. AI is proficient in learning over time with pre-fed pieces of information and experiences, but it can’t act like a creative approach.

Make Humans Lazy: AI applications automate the bulk of slow and monotonous tasks. Since we do not have to remember things to resolve puzzles, and all this can make humans lazy.
AI vs IoT: Know The Difference Between AI and IoT

The aspects stated here will help you know the exact difference between AI and IoT. If, after reading the pointers, you are still confused about IoT and AI, then get connected with the experts working at the top-notch Artificial Intelligence development company (ValueCoders). Doing so will help you know which one will be best for your business, seeing the process and needs.

  1. Cloud Computing

AI is a highly strong software that can think, perform and learn from human instances. Well, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are both complementary in performance, but IoT Cloud gives a pathway to handle data.
2. Procuring obtainable data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) understands, learns, improves its performance from mistakes. Moreover, it also helps in making efficient decisions making where IoT captures consequences on sensors that gather and store data whenever required.
3. Data

Artificial Intelligence has the capability of understanding the pattern and behaviors where the Internet of Things (IoT) is all about sensors.
4. Algorithm

AI is totally based on deep learning algorithms, which are gathered from multiple sources to produce the behavior of the system. IoT is utilized for building an algorithm to express the system’s behavior.
5. Behavior

AI is all about spontaneous reactions to receiving the input. At the same time, IoT stores predefined responses that are triggered utilizing the devices and are predefined by applying particular codes based on various algorithms.

ValueCoders includes a dedicated development team that can help you make adequate use of various technologies like AI, IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain. So, if you are finding reliable solutions related to these technologies, get in touch with us.

Ending Word

Individually and collectively, IoT and AI will remain the best trends in the future. Each day a massive amount of data is produced, which is really hard to gather and understand, but all this is possible using IoT; similarly, there are various tasks which are complex for business to perform such as efficient decision-making, predicting behavior, but with AI such works can easily be performed.

Several differences and similarities are there in the functioning of both technologies, AI vs IoT. But both are very impactful if the potential of both technologies is correctly employed in the business process. In order to make adequate use of AI and IoT in business software development, hire AI developers in India or hire IoT developers working in one of the best AI development companies (ValueCoders).

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Top 10 Use-Cases of AI and Machine Learning in Fintech Industries

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Roberta  Ward

Roberta Ward


Wondering how to upgrade your skills in the pandemic? Here's a simple way you can do it.

Corona Virus Pandemic has brought the world to a standstill.

Countries are on a major lockdown. Schools, colleges, theatres, gym, clubs, and all other public places are shut down, the country’s economy is suffering, human health is on stake, people are losing their jobs and nobody knows how worse it can get.

Since most of the places are on lockdown, and you are working from home or have enough time to nourish your skills, then you should use this time wisely! We always complain that we want some ‘time’ to learn and upgrade our knowledge but don’t get it due to our ‘busy schedules’. So, now is the time to make a ‘list of skills’ and learn and upgrade your skills at home!

And for the technology-loving people like us, Knoldus Techhub has already helped us a lot in doing it in a short span of time!

If you are still not aware of it, don’t worry as Georgia Byng has well said,

“No time is better than the present”

– Georgia Byng, a British children’s writer, illustrator, actress and film producer.

No matter if you are a developer (be it front-end or back-end) or a data scientisttester, or a DevOps person, or, a learner who has a keen interest in technology, Knoldus Techhub has brought it all for you under one common roof.

From technologies like Scala, spark, elastic-search to angular, go, machine learning, it has a total of 20 technologies with some recently added ones i.e. DAML, test automation, snowflake, and ionic.

How to upgrade your skills?

Every technology in Tech-hub has n number of templates. Once you click on any specific technology you’ll be able to see all the templates of that technology. Since these templates are downloadable, you need to provide your email to get the template downloadable link in your mail.

These templates helps you learn the practical implementation of a topic with so much of ease. Using these templates you can learn and kick-start your development in no time.

Apart from your learning, there are some out of the box templates, that can help provide the solution to your business problem that has all the basic dependencies/ implementations already plugged in. Tech hub names these templates as xlr8rs (pronounced as accelerators).

xlr8rs make your development real fast by just adding your core business logic to the template.

If you are looking for a template that’s not available, you can also request a template may be for learning or requesting for a solution to your business problem and tech-hub will connect with you to provide you the solution. Isn’t this helpful 🙂

Confused with which technology to start with?

To keep you updated, the Knoldus tech hub provides you with the information on the most trending technology and the most downloaded templates at present. This you’ll be informed and learn the one that’s most trending.

Since we believe:

“There’s always a scope of improvement“

If you still feel like it isn’t helping you in learning and development, you can provide your feedback in the feedback section in the bottom right corner of the website.

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sophia tondon

sophia tondon


Top AI / ML Development Company | Best AI / ML Services & Solutions

Accelerate your digital transformation with our AI development services like media workflow automation, computer vision systems, video processing tools, and more. Our AI & ML team builds world-class AI solutions for startups, agencies, & enterprises catering to different verticals, like healthcare, adtech, eCommerce, etc.

Are you planning to outsource AI/ML development services? Or would you like to hire an offshore AI app development team?

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