How The Cloud Will Help (or Not) Your Business

How The Cloud Will Help (or Not) Your Business

If your company, regardless of its size, wants to try a new product, with the cloud you will be able to do so much more agilely, since it allows you to allocate resources in a much faster and more precise way.

Understanding the cloud main advantages and disadvantages

In this article, we are going to change the context slightly. In the last articles, we have been talking about data management, the importance of data quality, and business analytics. This time, I am very excited to announce to you that we are going to explore, over the next few weeks, a current trend that will affect all companies in the decade in which we find ourselves: the cloud. I know that the topic cloud is very broad since it has a lot of concepts so we’ll focus on data in the cloud.

I think by now, we have all heard about the cloud and its capabilities but, do you know all the benefits and implications it has? In this first post, I would like to explore the basic concepts of the cloud with you, and in the next few weeks, accompany you on a trip about how we can find relevant insights using the cloud resources.

First of all, I want you to understand why this post is for you. So, if you are…

👤 an individual, whether you’re in business or tech, you need to understand these concepts and how the cloud is changing the game.

🏢 a company, you must have a cloud strategy. We are not talking about having your workload 100% migrated to the cloud tomorrow, but you should have a roadmap for the next few years.

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