TypeScript Testing Tips - Creating Dummies

TypeScript Testing Tips - Creating Dummies

We show a simple TypeScript pattern for building unit test dummies. We focus on simplicity so tests emphasize what's important and avoid incidental details.

This is the first post in a series on using TypeScript in practical applications. It shows a simple TypeScript pattern for building type-safe, unit test dummies. The focus is on simplicity for the consumer so tests emphasize what's important and avoid incidental details. 

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At Instil, we’re big fans of TypeScript. Although we appreciate the  strengths of dynamic languages , all things considered, strong static typing wins more often than not.When it comes to a powerful type system few mainstream languages come close to TypeScript. So, in this series of posts, we’re going to document how we use TypeScript practically in real projects.

First up…

Testing With TypeScript

Seasoned TypeScripters may be surprised to learn that the T in TDD can also stand for Test, and we all write those first, right? So that’s where we’ll start.

The first few posts in the series will be recipes we rely on to remove boilerplate from our tests so they stay on point, all while maintaining the benefits of static typing. This post will start simple, looking at how we create dummy objects. Subsequent posts will look at bringing static types to more advanced mocking techniques with Jest.

Creating Dummy Types

You’ll often need to create dummy objects in your test code. Something to pass into the method you’re testing, or to have returned by a mock function. This pattern, which uses the  Partial utility type, allows tests to create the object they need while specifying only the properties they care about. Consider an employee interface:


1 export interface Employee {
  2 id: string;
 3 name: string;
 4  department: Department;
 5 position: Position;
6 }

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