The Observer Design Pattern In Go

The Observer Design Pattern In Go

Observer Design Pattern is a behavioral design pattern. We will explore the use cases, UML diagram and implementation in my current favorite programming language — Go.

The Observer design pattern is a fundamental tool for any capable software engineer. In one sentence, it consists of observers that pay close attention to subjects that change their state. In this tutorial, we will explore the use cases, UML diagram and implementation in my current favorite programming language — Go.

Note: The terminology can vary as an observer/subscriber or as a subject/topic/publisher. They are all the same, but I will be using observer and subjects in this article.

Use Cases

The real world examples of the observer design pattern are endless. They include:

  • Social media platforms — friends can follow other friends to share updates with each other. Medium itself could use this pattern!
  • News platforms — people subscribe to news stations (Washington Post for example) and are notified daily/weekly also with breaking news events.
  • Robotic Operating System (ROS) — not an actual operating system, but ROS actually has basic communication with its robots built off of the observer pattern with publishers and subscribers to transfer information.

And so many more!

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