UberEats Clone Script | Fully Customizable UberEats Clone App

UberEats Clone Script | Fully Customizable UberEats Clone App

Establish a global presence in the food delivery app industry with a state-of-the-art UberEats clone. Multi-lingual & Multi-currency support. Highly scalable. Unbeatable price

The food delivery app market is becoming ever-present, with new players venturing into the sector. Apps like UberEats, Zomato, etc., have made it possible for people to order food from their favorite eateries from the comfort of their homes. On the other hand, restaurants have a medium to connect with their potential customers without spending a penny on delivery or website. The COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated the need for food delivery platforms.

Although the food delivery market expects new players concurrently, it appears that Uber’s food delivery division, UberEats is marching towards pole position by attracting a wide range of restaurants and customers. According to a recent report, the revenue of UberEats grew by over 230.1% last year. UberEats’ growth strategy is the one to look out for as the brand is in a reinvention phase with Uber shifting its attention from ride-hailing to food delivery due to the pandemic.

So, what is UberEats doing differently to attract a massive audience? Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to emerge as a market leader with an UberEats clone? If so, have you come up with ideas to outplay your competitors? This blog outlines the growth of UberEats in recent years. The blog also sheds light on unique strategies to allure the suppliers and people towards your food delivery platform.

Comparing UberEats with the rest of the market UberEats had an exceptional last year, witnessing its growth double YoY. The only other top-five food delivery company that achieved was DoorDash. DoorDash experienced a 106.4% YoY growth. On the other hand, Postmates revenue grew by just 41%, which is relatively less than others.

New users are parading towards UberEats The food delivery giant, UberEats, had experienced a massive rise in the number of users last year. In the last 12 months, UberEats’ new users have spent 77.7% more than the other top four food delivery apps combined. This stat proves the fact that in UberEats’ tremendous growth of 231.5%, new users have a crucial role.

UberEats is building a loyal customer base Another notable aspect that needs instant attention is the fact that UberEats users spent 53.6% of their food delivery dollars on UberEats. Contrastingly, Grubhub accounted for just 16.7% in this category, and Seamless followed in close proximity with 11.1%. When it comes to repeat buyers, Seamless topped the charts with an average of 21.5 times in the last 12 months. UberEats, on average, saw 7.7 orders per buyer. When looking at order sizes, UberEats fell behind DoorDash with the latter witnessing $36.95 per order and the former $28 per order. With people relying on food delivery platforms to satisfy their taste buds, UberEats will continue to grow, building a food delivery empire in no time.

Strategies to attract the audience With UberEats and other top players showing signs of growth, an entrepreneur with the right approach and a resilient UberEats clone can gain instant traction in the market. The key part here is the fact that restaurants are retaking their stands on food delivery platforms following the lockdown situation. Let’s discuss a few strategies to turn your food delivery app into a centralized hub to engage restaurants and potential customers. Go the extra mile with restaurants: Restaurants hesitate to collaborate with third-party vendors mainly because of the high commission scale. Hence, ensure that your platform has a variable commission structure. Besides, incorporate intuitive dashboards like inventory management, real-time analytics, etc., enabling restaurants to keep track of their performance and sales from time to time. Cutting-edge features can be game-changers: Customers expect a valid reason or benefit to shifting from an existing app to your app. Hence, work diligently on your USPs to turn the wind towards your direction. Integrating cutting-edge features like in-app wallet, multi-lingual support, reorder, etc., can lead to better customer engagement rates, and hence better sales.

Conclusion Launching a platform like UberEats is a piece of cake nowadays with the emergence of clone app solutions. Study top competitors in the sector to analyze your areas of improvement. Besides, knowing the ins and outs of your competitor propels you to have a competitive edge over your rivals. Launch your fully-functional UberEats clone and experience massive success in the shortest turnaround time.

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UberEats Clone is a white-label food delivery script that is robust, reliable, and highly scalable. It is 100% customizable, enabling entrepreneurs to launch a food delivery app in the shortest turnaround time. Join the growing business with our innovative app solution now!

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Establish a global presence in the food delivery app industry with a state-of-the-art UberEats clone. Multi-lingual & Multi-currency support. Highly scalable. Unbeatable price

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