Five Wonderful Uses of ‘f- Strings’ in Python

Five Wonderful Uses of ‘f- Strings’ in Python

Learn about some of Python’s built-in methods that can be used on strings

Before PEP 498 was introduced, Python had primarily three ways of formatting strings i.e. the %-formattingstr.format and the string.Template. In 2015, Eric V. Smith proposed a new string formatting mechanism known as Literal String Interpolation, which provided a simpler and effective way for formatting strings. These strings are referred to as formatted string literal or f-strings as they are prefixed with 'f' or 'F'.

To begin, we’ll quickly look at the different string formatting styles in Python and how f-strings shines above the rest. Let’s say we have the names and ages of three people, and we want to print them in the format given below:

The manager is [NAME] and his age is [AGE].

Let’s now look at the comparison between different string formatting styles in Python. We’ll see the same output but utilizing different formatting.

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