What is Trade Butler Bot (TBB) | What is Trade Butler Bot token | What is TBB token

What is Trade Butler Bot (TBB) | What is Trade Butler Bot token | What is TBB token

Trade Butler is your personal trading assistant. He’s a local bot that runs cross-platform on your machine, giving you more control than any limit order system in the market. Automate your Uniswap trades, snipe new listings for the best entry price, pre-approve tokens on purchase, and much more! What is Trade Butler Bot (TBB) | What is TBB token

Introducing Trade Butler, your own personal trading assistant. Trade Butler is a local bot that runs cross-platform on your own machine, giving you significantly more control over your trades. DEX volume is at an all time high and continues to grow, and with that traders are looking for their next edge. With Trade Butler, you’re not only finding that edge, you’re milestones past it and leading the market instead of following it.

Meet Your New  Butler

TradeButler is your personal trading assistant. He’s a local bot that runs cross-platform on your machine, giving you more control than any limit order system in the market. Automate your Uniswap trades, snipe new listings for the best entry price, pre-approve tokens on purchase, and much more!


Your butler is within your control. Everything is local other than standard APIs and the Uniswap contract interactions.


Your private keys are kept on your machine, inaccessible by anyone else. Our software is generally open source so you can verify our security for yourself!

Feature Packed

Snipe listings to get a better entry price and edge on the market. Buy/sell with limits to ensure maximum trade profitability.

Save on Gas

Since everything is local, you don’t pay gas for order adjustments. This allows you to change strategies on the fly for free. Custom gas estimation tool included for higher accuracy when executing trades.


Set up any kind of token you want: no liquidity, no problem! Newly created, easy add. Never rely on token listings to start trading again.

Peace of Mind

Sleep well at night knowing your limits have been set on your terms. You’re now using the same tools that the pros do!

Advantages of a Local Bot

Imagine you’re in a car racing someone on foot; that’s the kind of speed advantage a local bot gives you. Once it’s set up, you have one of the fastest and most powerful tools on the market for DEX trading. Trade Butler gives you the ability to execute a variety of trade types BEFORE the Uniswap interface even updates! Along with that, you’ll have the ability to snipe listings right as liquidity is provided, pre-approve tokens before you even have them, and set buy/sell limits to ensure max trading profitability.

Since Trade Butler is a local bot it only executes trades when conditions are triggered, giving you greater flexibility to adjust or cancel trades at any time with ZERO gas costs. You simply set up your own Infura/Etherscan API (instructions here) and scan for those conditions. This allows you to hide your trades from the market until the exact moment you’re ready to execute them.


We take your security very seriously. One of the biggest concerns for a bot operator is if the code they’re using is actually safe (i.e. sending ETH without your approval or externally sharing your private keys). This is why we have open-sourced the majority of our code, specifically the code involving your private keys. It uses a standard ethers.js library to deal with your wallet.

We do in fact have a closed-source module, processor.jsc, which has the majority of the processing logic. To guarantee and ensure there is nothing malicious in our closed-source code, we’ve created a demo video. Here you’ll see us showing you that PRIVATE_KEY isn’t used inside the module, compiling the release, showing it’s md5 hash, and finally pushing it to repo. We will do one of these videos for EACH major release so you can feel safe while using Trade Butler.

Even with the safety measures we’ve implemented and testing we’ve done, we highly suggest you create new wallets specifically for Trade Butler / bot usage, test on ropsten prior to mainnet, and start with small amounts (unless you already know what you’re doing). As mentioned, Ropsten testnet (hyperlink to ropsten) can be used and is set up by default when you download Trade Butler. It requires 0 tokens and you can use any of our pricing tiers. We’ve released this already, so  try it now for yourself!


The Trade Butler ticker will be $TBB. Designed as a utility token to use our product, it is essentially a software license. Simply hold the amount that corresponds with the pricing tier you’d like to use.

  • 2,000 Max Token Supply
  • 1,600 Initial Circulating
  • 1,000 Token Presale @ 0.3 ETH / Token
  • 600 Tokens and 200 ETH to ​initial​ liquidity
  • 3 months locked liquidity, then ​a ​relock ​of​ 90% for another 3 months, in perpetual motion
  • 100 tokens for marketing fund
  • 300 tokens for future development fund


Half of the total supply (1,000 tokens) will be offered during our presale. The presale will be untimed and remain in place until the 1,000 tokens are sold. Since $TBB is designed to be used with the Trade Butler software, we’ve designed our presale contract to deliver your purchased tokens immediately so you can get started with the bot.

Once our presale is sold out we will add the allocated liquidity and lock the LP tokens, providing you with the Unicrypt address to verify. While we hope this process will be quick, we’re sending our tokens up front so that those looking to get started with Trade Butler can do so quickly and agnostic of presale status.

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Looking for more information... 

☞ Website ☞ Explorer ☞ Source Code ☞ Social Channel ☞ Documentation ☞ Coinmarketcap

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