Track Your Users Last Activity in Laravel

 Track Your Users Last Activity in Laravel

Track Your Users Last Activity in Laravel. We check the current user is authenticated. If the current user last_active_at date & time is NULL or is in the past, we want to update it using the current date and time. Forward the current request on to the next middleware.

Although there's many ways to do this in Laravel, the simplest way is with a piece of web middleware.

The setup

When an authenticated user visits a route in our application, we want to store the timestamp in the database for use later on. Let's store it in a column called last_active_at.

All you need to do is create a migration:

php artisan make:migration add_last_active_at_to_users_table --table=users

And add the following line in the up() method:


If the user has never visited a route, it will remain NULL in the database.

We also want to make sure this field is "fillable", so add last_active_at to the protected $fillable array on your User model.

As well as being able to update last_active_at using User::update(), we want to cast it to a Carbon\Carbon instance when using it so that we can make use of time comparison methods.


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