6 JavaScript Libraries You Should Know

6 JavaScript Libraries You Should Know

Small, big, and easy to use

The list of usable JavaScript libraries is growing every day, from small libraries for parsing number strings to huge frameworks that let you write mobile apps using JavaScript.

But which ones should you learn?

I’ve selected a few libraries that I feel are good to learn and will have a future in the JavaScript community. I’m also someone who prefers to only use libraries when writing a task by myself will take longer than it should.

Most of these libraries aren’t new or lesser-known, but they are useful for a huge range of applications and help to complete easy or difficult tasks without a hassle.

1. Luxon

Luxon, like Moment.js, is a library for handling date and time objects. I prefer Luxon over Moment.js at the moment because it is more future-proof since it uses the relatively new Intl object instead of the Date object. Moment.js also notes this on its own website and tries to steer people away from Moment.js when they’re creating more future-proof applications.

Luxon’s syntax is very straightforward and similar to the Moment.js syntax we’ve all grown accustomed to:

// Create a new date and add three hours to it
var date1 = DateTime.now();
var date2 = d1.plus({ hours: 3 });

// Compare the values.
date1.valueOf() === date2.valueOf(); 
//=> false

A small sample of Luxon

Whenever I need to handle dates and times, I use a library. It can be a hassle to calculate simple times or dates, and a library such as Luxon makes it easier.


While I prefer Luxon, Moment.js still has its moments. It is better for older applications or applications where upgrading or changing to Luxon isn’t possible.

I have worked with Moment.js a few times, and it is such a breeze to use. The syntax is readable and easy to learn, and the documentation on the official website is simple to understand and has a lot of examples.

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