Announcing Yugabyte Platform for Startups

Announcing Yugabyte Platform for Startups

The Yugabyte Startups program includes a heavily discounted software subscription to Yugabyte Platform just for startups.

[Yugabyte Platform] is a subscription to the software and support you need to easily deploy, secure, and monitor YugabyteDB across multiple clouds. Running Yugabyte on AWS, GCP, Azure, or on-premises? With Yugabyte Platform you can harness cloud native capabilities of YugabyteDB to build modern applications and deliver the level of digital experiences that your customers expect. This offers true freedom of choice for enterprises looking to develop a fully cloud native DBaaS

Now you can focus on building your product and growing your business while offloading time consuming database management activities to Yugabyte Platform – orchestration of database instances, secure deployments, rolling software upgrades, scheduled backups, monitoring, and alerting.

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