React.js — Concurrent Mode With React.lazy and Suspense

React.js — Concurrent Mode With React.lazy and Suspense

React.js —Code Splitting with React.lazy and Suspense. When React compiles the JSX/JavaScript/TypeScript you write in your application. API for Code Splitting in React.js. React.lazy and Suspense.

How code splitting in your React applications can drastically increase performance and overall user experience.

What Is Code Splitting?

According to Mozilla’s Developer Network (MDN),

Code splitting_ is the splitting of code into various bundles or components which can then be loaded on demand or in parallel.”_

MDN Web Docs

When React compiles the JSX/JavaScript/TypeScript you write in your application with whatever bundler it’s using (Webpack, Parcel, Rollup, etc.), it spits out a single JavaScript file that your browser can interpret and run accordingly. Without code splitting, the compilation waits until all processes, both synchronous and asynchronous, resolve until rendering the respective information to the DOM in the form of that singular file.

Although this may be fine for smaller applications with minute state alterations, this becomes a problem the further and further you scale up an application since you’re bogged down by the slowest process in your system. Thankfully, code splitting exists for solving this exact problem.

API for Code Splitting in React.js

Now that I’ve spoken about what code splitting is and how it works, I’ll dive into the API for Code Splitting in React.js.


  • React.lazy


  • Suspense
  • SuspenseList

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