How to Send Confirmation Email using Nodemailer and SendGrid

Learn how to create a confirmation link and then send it to the registered user using nodemailer and send grid email service.

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How to Send Confirmation Email using Nodemailer and SendGrid

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Node js Send Email with Attachment using Nodemailer

In this node js send email with attachment using nodemailer. In this tutorial, you will learn how you can send the email using the Gmail SMTP in node js. Here you will learn step by step, how you can send email using Gmail SMTP in node js

Sending email via Node js is easy. Today we are going to discuss send an email via node js. We will use nodemailermodule and Gmail SMTP to send the email. We will also learn how to send an email with an attachment. So let’s get started with the node js send email with attachment tutorial.

How to Send Attachment in Email using Nodemailer in Node Js

Just follow the following steps and send email through gmail with attachment using nodemailer in node js:

1. Step 1 - First Install Nodemailer 1. Step 2 - Configure Gmail SMTP with Nodemailer 1. Step 3 - Sending Email with Gmail SMTP 1. Step 4 - Send Multiple Recipient At The Same Time 1. Step 5 - Send Simple HTML

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How to Send Emails Using Twilio Sendgrid in Laravel 8

Laravel email works over a popular mailer library that is the SwiftMailer. This is an inbuilt library in Laravel. It allows us to integrate several mail drivers for sending emails. You can use SMTP and API based drivers to send emails in Laravel. I already shared tutorials for integrating the SMTP like Gmail and Mailgun. But, today, in this post, I will show you the integration of Twilio Sendgrid with Laravel 8. The SendGrid is an email service. By using the Sendgrid, you can send emails, marketing campaigns such as automation, etc. Also, it provides the features to track sent emails, activities on email like open, click, etc. So, let’s create a new project in Laravel 8 and integrate this SendGrid SMTP to send emails.


Before creating this project, please make sure you have the below tools in your system. We are going to create a Laravel 8 project. Hence, you must have the specified version of these tools.

  • PHP >= 7.3
  • MySQL (version > 5)
  • Apache/Nginx Server
  • VS Code Editor
  • Composer

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Sending Email in Asp Net Core MVC 5 using Quick Mailer

#sending email in asp net core mvc 5 using quick mailer #sending email in asp net core #sending email in c#

Send Email In Laravel

Hello Guys,

Today I will give you demo how to send email in laravel, in this post we will show how to send email using SMTP in laravel, email is very basic and most important feature in web development field and it is necessary for all client.

So, in this tutorial I will give you information about send mail in laravel. So, follow below steps.

Send Email In Laravel

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How to Send E-mail Using Queue in Laravel 7/8

Today I will show you How to Send E-mail Using Queue in Laravel 7/8, many time we can see some process take more time to load like payment gateway, email send, etc. Whenever you are sending email for verification then it load time to send mail because it is services. If you don’t want to wait to user for send email or other process on loading server side process then you can use queue.

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#how to send e-mail using queue in laravel 7/8 #email #laravel #send mail using queue in laravel 7 #laravel 7/8 send mail using queue #laravel 7/8 mail queue example