How to Tackle Pull Request Fatigue

How to Tackle Pull Request Fatigue

Learn how to Tackle Pull Request Fatigue. Have you experienced developer rage Pull Request than once in the comments section? If you approach yes, you might be suffering from PR fatigue.

How good tests can improve decision quality.

Disclaimer: Although this piece is satirical, the concerns raised are still valid, somewhat!

Are you spending more time reviewing code than writing it? Have you found yourself staring at file 126 of 500 and don’t remember how you got there? Have you experienced developer rage more than once in the comments section? If you answered yes, you might be suffering from PR fatigue.

PR fatigue is the leading cause of death in startups. It’s also the number one risk factor in developers not giving a sh*t.

If you or a loved one is suffering from PR fatigue, this article can help.

Humans suck at writing code. It’s been said that humans write down a loose description of what they want to do, and machines come along and clean it up. Given the ever-expanding list of static code analysis tools on the market, it's hard to argue with that assertion.  AWS CodeGuru is the latest attempt at preventing humans from screwing up their code and has been met with some enthusiasm. But none of these tools can prove the code actually does what it’s designed to do and nothing else. This is a problem more complex than today's machines can solve.

Luckily, software engineers are really good at solving complex problems, and creating them (is this the great paradox of software engineering?). One of the most complex problems an engineer can solve is  formal verification. But software engineers are also lazy. If we let symbiosis be our guide, we will quickly realize that machines should write the majority of the code, and lazy over-caffeinated humans should write most of the tests. If we apply this theory to PR review, we can assert that engineers should review the test, and machines should review the code!

But how should lazy Redbull-drinking humans write good tests? Well, luckily, Google has engineers who always demand good tests. If we jump in the way back machine to 2015, Winters and Wright came up with a framework that is still as relevant today as it was then. They define the five pillars of good tests as:

  1. Correctness
  2. Readability
  3. Completeness
  4. Demonstrability
  5. Resilience

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