Why React is more popular among developers?

Why React is more popular among developers?

Angular vs. React, which is the best for the project? Here is a comparison on React vs Angular to help you decide on the right tech stack for Web development.

The most popular frameworks today are React and Angular. But still, how do you think, which framework is more popular: React vs Angular? Firstly, it is necessary to mention that Angular is a framework and React is a library. Many developers think React is better than Angular. Employers while hiring programmers often have a requirement to be able to work with React. Sometimes employers expect React knowledge not only from front-end developers, but also from back-end developers. Why is this library so popular and is it worth studying today? Let's figure it out.

React is a JavaScript library that was created not by an independent programmer, but by a huge company - Facebook. One of the main reasons for creating React was the desire of the company to improve the mechanisms for forming interfaces. This library was developed when Facebook faced some problems related to the development and support of the project. It was originally released in 2013. React was developed several years earlier than Angular and has undergone many changes. As a result, it has become a user-friendly application that most developers prefer to use.

List of companies using React:

  1. AirBNB
  2. Medium
  3. Reddit
  4. Whatsapp
  5. Netflix

There are several features that distinguish React from Angular. Here are 2 of them: Lack of formality and speed.

Lack of formality AngularJS can be called a “formal” framework. AngularJS developers have put the concept of good web application architecture into the core of the system. If your application fully meets these requirements, then working with AngularJS is pure pleasure. At the same time, if you follow other principles of architecture, then you will face a huge number of problems. React, on the other hand, doesn't bind you to a specific structure for your application. It allows for lazy loading of components to reduce load times and gets you much closer to processing data than AngularJS.

Speed Although Angular's data presentation is fairly compact, handling large amounts of information often presents a number of problems. React uses the DOM to track changes to the data on the page. As soon as there are any changes in the data, React creates a list of those changes and applies it to only the changed parts of the page. Since React does not completely redraw the page every time the data changes, it looks quite advantageous in terms of performance compared to other JavaScript frameworks.

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