Karate Beginner Tutorials 7 | PUT API Demo

Karate Beginner Tutorials 7 | PUT API Demo

Karate Beginner Tutorials | PUT API Demo

Karate Beginner Tutorials 7 | PUT API Demo

What is PUT How to run a simple PUT API Request

What is PUT method PUT method in HTTP is used to update a resource data on the server used in API request when required to modify a resource Replaces the Resource For partial update use PATCH

In PUT API Request, we will need to provide the body (data, payload)

Step 1 : Create a feature file under src/test/java folder Step 2 : Add feature and scenario description Step 3 : Add steps to run a sample PUT API Request Example : https://reqres.in/

Feature: PUT API Request demo

  # PUT
  Scenario: PUT demo 1
    Given url 'https://reqres.in/api/users/2'
    And request { "name": "Raghav", "job": "leader"}
    When method PUT
    Then status 200
    And print response
    And print responseStatus

Other features discussed in POST Examples will apply here: Background Assertions Get request body from file Assert response from file

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