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Charity Ferry


Habitus: A Build Flow tool for Docker


Habitus adds workflows to Docker build. This means you can create a chain of builds to generate your final Docker image based on a workflow. This is particularly useful if your code is in compiled languages like Java or Go or if you need to use secrets like SSH keys during the build.

 A build flow tool for Docker

Habitus is a standalone build flow tool for Docker. It’s a command line tool that builds Docker images based on their Dockerfile and a build.yml.

Key features:

  • Use build.yml to build the image
  • Supports multi-tenancy of builds by using uid parameters
  • Allows to run arbitrary commands inside of the build container
  • Allows dovetailing (sequencing) of the images from different steps
  • After build, Habitus will run Cleanup command. This will result in 'squashing' the image, therefore removing any traces of unwanted layers
  • Allows you to define and manage secrets configuration for your build
  • Allows you specify any Artifacts - they'll be copied from the built image onto the work directory, so they'll be available for next steps.
  • Support for non TLS connections

Why Habitus? (Problem → solution)

If you need to pull code from a private git repository:
Your private SSH key will be needed in the image during the build process. By using Habitus, the web server only exposes your secrets to the internal Docker network of your machine, and only for the duration of the build. No traces of your secrets are left behind in the image.

If you want to add compile-time libraries to your image, but don’t want them in the run-time:
Habitus will solve it by using different build steps in building your artifact and only place that artifact in smallest possible image.

If you want to combine multiple Dockerfiles into complex build and deployments workflows:
Take the example of an app written in Go: it lives in a container and serves content to visitors based on the latest trending hashtags on Twitter. To get this app into a container, you need to build it with Go compile time libraries. This makes the image large, increasing the attack surface of your service. Habitus solves this issue by compiling your Go app in one container with all compile-time dependencies, and then moves the compiled build artifacts to another smaller image with only the minimum packages required to run it.

If you need to run images in production:
Habitus helps you build a small, secure, performant, stable and immutable image in production. This will allow you to run non-leaky containers and healthy applications in production.


Comprehensive documentation is available on the Habitus website:

Quick Start:

Just run the install script on macOS or Linux!

curl -sSL | bash

Or download Habitus straight from this repo. Habitus can run on Linux, Windows and macOS. Copy the Habitus application into /usr/local/bin/habitus and check if it has the executable flags, if not run chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/habitus

Build files can be made up of multiple steps. Each step is independent of the other ones and downstream steps can use upstream ones as source (in FROM command). When habitus is installed, create a simple build.yml with just one build step and run Habitus.

  version: 2016-03-14 # version of the build schema.
      name: builder
      dockerfile: Dockerfile

Run habitus

# habitus

And you’re ready to start using Habitus. Comprehensive documentation about build.yml is available on the Habitus website:

Developing Habitus:

If you wish to work on the Habitus project itself. We provided a docker-compose.yml to spin up the development environment and link the source into the running container.

# docker-compose run habitus /bin/bash
# go build

After the build, you can use Habitus to build itself using the following command in the running container:

# ./habitus

You can run tests by typing

# docker-compose run habitus /bin/bash
# go test    

And you are ready to start your contribution to Habitus.


Check the changelog here

Download Details:

Author: cloud66-oss
Source code:
License: Apache-2.0 license
#docker #go #golang 

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Habitus: A Build Flow tool for Docker
Iliana  Welch

Iliana Welch


Docker Explained: Docker Architecture | Docker Registries

Following the second video about Docker basics, in this video, I explain Docker architecture and explain the different building blocks of the docker engine; docker client, API, Docker Daemon. I also explain what a docker registry is and I finish the video with a demo explaining and illustrating how to use Docker hub

In this video lesson you will learn:

  • What is Docker Host
  • What is Docker Engine
  • Learn about Docker Architecture
  • Learn about Docker client and Docker Daemon
  • Docker Hub and Registries
  • Simple demo to understand using images from registries

#docker #docker hub #docker host #docker engine #docker architecture #api

Iliana  Welch

Iliana Welch


Docker Tutorial for Beginners 8 - Build and Run C++ Applications in a Docker Container

Docker is an open platform that allows use package, develop, run, and ship software applications in different environments using containers.
In this course We will learn How to Write Dockerfiles, Working with the Docker Toolbox, How to Work with the Docker Machine, How to Use Docker Compose to fire up multiple containers, How to Work with Docker Kinematic, Push images to Docker Hub, Pull images from a Docker Registery, Push stacks of servers to Docker Hub.
How to install Docker on Mac.

#docker tutorial #c++ #docker container #docker #docker hub #devopstools

Hayden Slater


Docker: Define, Build and Run

In this blog post, I’m going to share my experience with using docker to create a container for my application.

What is Docker?

Docker is an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications. It packages up an application or service with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit a.k.a “Image”

Why use Docker?

There are a lot of individual machines and VM running with different OSes and it’s hard to stay up to date with the operating systems as well as their dependencies. This is where Docker shines and solves that problem. Docker streamlines the development lifecycle by providing standardized environments using local containers.

#cloud #docker #docker-compose #docker-build #software-development

Jenny Jabde


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Misael  Stark

Misael Stark


Docker Build Example: How to Go From Slow To Fast Docker Builds

In this post, we will see a docker build example of a node js API application starting from slow and ending up in a ~10x faster build. I have already talked about the reasons to use docker for development environment. I have also mentioned how docker changed the way we software engineers work and multi-stage docker build in past posts. For this one let’s focus on the docker build example with faster build in mind.

Information before jumping in

  1. Familiarity with Docker and the docker build process is required
  2. All examples are based on Docker version 19.03.13, build 4484c46d9d on a Mac
  3. The Currency API app is used for this docker build example

#docker #docker builds