Automatically remove unused css from Bootstrap or other frameworks

Automatically remove unused css from Bootstrap or other frameworks

Remove the bloat from your CSS with PurgeCSS and Webpack.

I love bootstrap (and other css frameworks). For a developer like me who often works on web projects without any design input it is a real lifesaver.

The problem is since bootstrap is a kitchen sink type framework (although you can pick and choose via sass) the css file size can get out of hand quickly.

Bootstrap.min.css weighs in at 138 KB. If you add a theme and custom css it can easily bump you over 200 kb.

What is PurgeCSS?

PurgeCSS is a node.js package that can detect and remove unused css selectors. It will analyze your view pages - be they HTML

or a templating engine and build a list of the css selectors in use. PurgeCSS will then take your stylesheets and remove any selectors that are not

present in your views.

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