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Hermann Frami


5 Tips To Create Better Pull Requests

Small suggestions to make the life of your reviewer easier

Creating a PR and waiting for a code review is a standard approach to writing code. PRs and code reviews are very important in every developer’s day. They achieve different goals:

  1. Share knowledge about the code base.
  2. Mentor developers in order for them to become better.
  3. Keep a high-quality standard.

The process is usually split into two steps: A developer prepares a PR and another developer (or several) performs a code review, pointing out the good parts and the parts that can be improved.

Today, I’d like to go through the first step, highlighting how we can create a PR that is easy to review for our colleagues. The easier we make their life, the more useful the review will be. It will also improve their opinion of us as a professional, and that is a nice perk!

1. Write an Informative Title

2. Don’t Forget the Description

3. Keep the PR Small and Semantically Atomic

4. Update the Documentation

5. Avoid Typos

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5 Tips To Create Better Pull Requests