Vue3 Styled Like Flutter with Tailwind CSS

Vue3 Styled Like Flutter with Tailwind CSS

Vue3 styled like Flutter with Tailwind CSS .The reason & motivation why this project have been started is a question: Flutter & Dart awesome! Vue3 & Typescript & Tailwind awesome too!

Vue3 styled like Flutter with Tailwind CSS

Please notice: this project is a work in progress and completely experimental!

The reason & motivation why this project have been started is a question: Flutter & Dart awesome! Vue3 & Typescript & Tailwind awesome too!


Flutter is not working inside Excel:( and its kind of complicated to work with web libraries.

So, what if we will write Vue3 TS in style of Flutter, because it's just simplier and faster?

Please notice:

  • It is not a Flutter at all and even close, but hopefully will be use its style of components & methods writing.
  • It is not properly written at all and cannot be used in production until release 1.
  • It is not aligned to any standard yet and do not have any styling at all and it looks bad:) as primary focus now is to write basic widgets.
  • All is subject to change until release 1.
  • If you like this project - contributing &|| star is very welcome and appreciated and will keep development running Open Source and free:)

Awesome tools used


Add this package to your package.json file:

"dependencies": {
  "@xsoulspace/vue_flutter_tailwind": "next"

add styling to your main.ts

import '@xsoulspace/vue_flutter_tailwind/dist/vft.css'

add styling to app div (temporary and will be removed during Scaffold widget refactoring)

<div id="app" class="absolute left-0 right-0 top-0 bottom-0"></div>


export const wrapperApp = () => {
  const text = ref('Hello world!')
  const text2 = ref(2)
  const padding = EdgeInsets.all(EdgeInsetsStep.s3)

  const textCard = Padding({
    child: Text({

  const btn = ElevatedButton({
    child: Text({ text: ref('Hello Button') }),
    onPressed: () => {
      text.value = `Hello Wolrd! Counter: ${text2.value}`

  return Scaffold({
    body: Align({
      toOverlay: true,
      alignment: Alignment.bottom,
      child: Container({
        decoration: new BoxDecoration({
          boxShadow: BoxShadow.xl,
          borderRadius: BorderRadius.vertical({ bottom: BorderRadiusStep.xxl }),
        child: Row({
          mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAlignment.spaceAround,
          children: [
              child: btn,
              cursor: SystemMouseCursor.use({


Ready to test and possible to use

  • [] Provider


Let's suppose we have a model:

export class Hero {
  constructor(public name: string) {}
export class HeroesModel {
  heroes = reactive<Maybe<Hero>[]>([])
  add(hero: Hero) {
  get count() {
    return this.heroes.length

Create Provider on top of tree

  models: [HeroesModel],
  child: wrapperApp(),

And somewhere in tree just call

const heroModel = MultiProvider.get<HeroesModel>(HeroesModel)
  • Text Widget, FontWeight, TextDecoration, TextStyle, TextAlign, TextOverflow
  • Alignment, Align, Center
  • Padding
  • Margin
  • ButtonStyleButton
  • Flex
  • Row (Flex -> row)
  • Column (Flex -> column)
  • DividerDecoration (only for Row, Column)
  • MouseRegion
  • TextButton
  • Elevated Button
  • ListView.builder made with vue3-virtual-scroller - must be placed inside SizedBox to have defined size
  • ConstrainedBox
  • SizedBox
  • Opacity [x] widget [x] Text
  • ColoredBox
  • CheckboxListTile
  • ListTile
  • Grid, GridTile with awesome vue-grid-layout
  • Wrap (Flex - flex-wrap)
  • Dialog


First - get NavigationController in setup

Be sure that you have Navigation widget on top of tree

const navigationController = MultiProvider.get<NavigationController>(

Second call a function from for example Button.onTap:

  child: Text({
    text: ref('Show dialog'),
  onTap: () => {
      builder: Dialog({
        child: Text({ text: ref('Hello World') }),

To close, just use navigationController.pop()

  • Navigation & NavigationController
    • Popup (with background) functionality
    • Fullscreen functionality


Add controller into MultiPorvider and Navigation widget below:

  models: [NavigationController, ...],
  child: Navigation({
    child: ...,


  • [] DropdownButton, DropdownButtonItem [x] functionality [] decoration

  • [] Visibility [x] functionality [] animation

  • [] TextField [x] Basic properties [x] TextEditingController [] InputDecoration (partially) [] TextStyle

  • Checkbox [x] Basic [] Style

  • [] GestureDetecture [x] click [] tap [] swipes [] hover

  • [] Container [x] Border [x] BorderRadius [x] Color [x] Shadow [] Margin [x] Padding [] Color Opacity ? Border Color Opacity [] Shape [] Gradient [] Alignment [] Image [x] Height [x] Width

  • [] Material

  • [] InkWell

  • [] Colors [x] White, black [] Color palette

  • [] Scaffold


  • [] Flexible
  • [] OutlinedButton
  • [] Ripple
  • [] Drawer
  • [] Progress
  • [] Card
  • [] AppBar
  • [] Icon
  • [] IconButton
  • [] Bar
  • [] ButtonBar
  • [] ListView, ListView.separeted
  • [] Object Fit - FitBox?, FittedBox?

Current Problems:

  • [] Tailwind included as package, but needs to be included to main.ts(js) when this package added. Maybe it's a wrong way..
  • [] Sizes cannot be set as numbers.


Changelog can be found in Releases

Download Details:

Author: xsoulspace

Source Code:

flutter dart mobile-apps vuejs

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