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ReactJs vs Angular 10 in 2020 – Comparing CRA & Angular CLI

In this and (maybe) next few videos I want to compare React vs Angular. I don’t want to do just a shallow comparison but I would like to show you some concrete case and demonstrate how it is being solved in Angular and React. I would like to build some bridge for developers who was working with one framework (React or Angular) and now needs for whatever reasons to work on a project with another one. This video series I would like to start with comparison of such tools like CRA and Angular CLI. Here we will learn how to create a new projects and how to perform different basic things like: create application, production build, bundle analyzer, test running and code generation. I wait for your honest feedback in comment section. Thank you for your attention and enjoy watching!

🕒 Time codes:

– React Section –
00:00:00 - Welcome ;)
00:01:15 - Why I create this video
00:02:00 - Create application with CRA
00:03:24 - application templates for CRA
00:07:45 - Generate components in React (aka ng generate …)
00:11:02 - Bundle analyzing
00:13:13 - How to run tests
00:14:25 - Project configuration in React

– Angular Section –
00:16:20 - Meet Angular CLI
00:17:08 - Create application with Angular CLI
00:19:31 - Generate components with CLI
00:22:07 - How to run tests
00:24:12 - Production build in Angular
00:24:48 - Analyze production build
00:27:07 - Project settings

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ReactJs vs Angular 10 in 2020 – Comparing CRA & Angular CLI