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Top 4 Interesting Big Data Projects In GitHub For Beginners [2021]

For years, GitHub has been a hands-down online community of developers and technicians who come up with out-of-the-box projects across all verticals, provide roadmaps to multiple issues, etc. Today, GitHub has become this massive online repository for the big data community; that’s a great way to hone technical skills. Currently, the  big data industry’s biggest challenge is the sheer dynamism of the market and its requirements.

Therefore, if you want to get a good headstart into setting yourself as a differentiator, there are multiple big data projects on GitHub that can work just right. These projects are known for their signature usage of open-source data and implementation in real-life that can be taken as it is or tweaked according to your project objectives. If NoSQL databases like  MongoDB, Cassandra have been your forte, work on Hadoop Cluster management’s fundamentals, stream-processing techniques, and distributed computing.

The point is that Big Data is one of the most promising industries of the current times as people are waking up to the fact that data analysis can promote sustainability in the coming years when done right. As demanding as it gets, for a big data/data science professional, starting with Hadoop projects on GitHub can be an excellent way to grow along with the industry requirements and develop a stronghold over the basics. In this post, we’d be covering such big data projects on GitHub so far:

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Big Data Projects in GitHub

1. Pandas Profiling

2. NiFi Rule Engine Processor

3. TDengine

4. Building Apache Hudi from Source

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Top 4 Interesting Big Data Projects In GitHub For Beginners [2021]