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ReactJS Protected Routes

Creating apps, products, or any sort of website in ReactJs is a mostly smooth sail. It is an excellent library for many occasions. Of course, like any other piece of JavaScript, it has its positives and negatives.

When it comes to security and protection, it is often a hassle and a complication to do in ReactJs. Therefore developers can be frequently seen adding libraries to beat those challenges.

In this small blog post, I will show you a super neat way of resolving a piece of those challenges. The public and private routes within the ReactJs application in TypeScript!. Let us begin.

The explanation

The explanation is going to be from the bottom up. This means we are going to start with the lowest level components moving upward.

Things we need are the following:

  • PrivateRoute.tsx component
  • Routing/redirect components
  • Login.tsx component
  • Home.tsx component (a protected component)

By using these components, we will build a good foundation for the protected and public parts of the app. It will be made so it supports updates and a good amount of routes.


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 ReactJS Protected Routes

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Protected Routes in ReactJS - React Router Dom

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