Javascript Course- Lesson 17 - Let vs Var, Function Hoisting, Spread Operator,...

Let vs Var vs global variable
Function Hoisting
Default parameter values in functions
Spread Operator in Objects
Object Destructuring
Javascript concepts explained in simple tutorials with exercises and sample code.
Complete Javascript Course - Lesson 17 - JS Basics
What is the preferred declaration - let or var and why. What are the issues with var. When does a variable become a global variable. What is block scope and function scope.
What is function hoisting and its advantages.
Understand the concept of default parameter values in function declarations and how it makes functions richer.
Understand Spread Operator and how spread operator is used to make copy of objects as well as put additional properties.
Object destructuring, an elegant development technique. How to use object destructuring and also providing default values with object destructuring.

00:00 Javascript Concepts
00:34 Let vs Var
01:34 Let vs Var - Example 1
05:08 Let vs Var - Example 2
08:33 Let vs Var - Example 3
11:06 Let vs Var - Example 4
14:14 Hoisting
15:13 Function Hoisting Example
16:55 Default Parameters
17:57 Default Parameters Example
21:29 Default Parameters with Arrow Function
22:12 Spread Operator for Objects
22:49 Spread Operator for Objects Example
25:04 Object Destructuring
25:41 Object Destructuring Example
27:53 Object Destructuring with Default Values
29:08 Code Exercise 1
31:33 Code Exercise 2
34:13 Code Exercise 3
38:19 Code Exercise 4

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Learn the complete Javascript in this video tutorial series. A must watch for all Javascript i.e. JS beginners and learners. With lots of samples, code, practice questions and projects, learn and master Javascript code. JS or Javascript is must for both front-end and back-development in javascript and the fundamental part of full stack developer.


Javascript Course- Lesson 17 - Let vs Var, Function Hoisting, Spread Operator,...