C# in Simple Terms - Primitive Types, Literals, and Nullables

C# in Simple Terms - Primitive Types, Literals, and Nullables

As we learned in the previous post, C# supports a type system. Part of that system is a group of "basic" types. These types, also called primitive types, form the foundation of many C# programs.

Number Types

The most basic of the primitive types are the number types. These include integral numeric types (which represent whole numbers, like 1, 67, 1957321, 8, and so on) and _floating-point numeric types _(which represent non-whole numbers such as 1.2, 6.99, 8234.66, and so on).


Of the integral numeric types, the type int is the default and most common. int represents a 32-bit integer, with a positive or negative value.

int five = 5;
int thirteenHundred = 1300;
int negativeForty = -40;
int intMaxValue = int.MaxValue; //(2^32 - 1)

The type int is used for many kinds of variables, including math, counters, and iterators.

Short, Long, and Byte

shortlong, and byte are all integral numeric types, like int. However, they represent different ranges of values.

short represents a 16-bit integer:

short three = 3;
short negativeOneHundred = -100;
short shortMaxValue = short.MaxValue; //(2^16 - 1)

long represents a 64-bit integer:

long fifty = 50;
long longMaxValue = long.MaxValue; //(2^64 - 1)

Finally, a byte is a 8-bit integer that only represents positive values.

byte four = 4;
byte byteMaxValue = byte.MaxValue; //(2^8 - 1)

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